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5/23 Forbes Hewlett Packard Faces The Classic Dilemma, How Do You Thrive In A Declining Market?

Hewlett Packard's results are out and they're a little bit worse than everyone expected. Not much, but just a bit: and they are accompanied by an announcement that the company will be laying off a further 11,000 to 16,000 people to add to the 34,000 who have already gone. That moves the redundancies from 10% or so of the workforce to 15% or so. For the full details do see this from my colleague Maggie McGrath. The part of the story that interests me here is, as ever, the economic part of the story. Which is just what can you do to thrive in a declining market?

5/21 Forbes Forbes Earnings Preview: Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett Packard reports its second quarter earnings on Thursday, May 22, 2014, and the consensus earnings per share estimate is 88 cents per share.Despite not changing over the past month, the consensus estimate is down from three months ago when it was 89 cents. Analysts are expecting earnings of $3.72 per share

5/19 Business Wire ShapeUp and Hewlett-Packard Extend Strategic Corporate Wellness Partnership

New contract includes extended global focus, enhanced use of crowd sourcing and greater personalization of options for employees participating in ShapeUp’s program

2/21 Forbes Cash Flow And 3D Printing Among 11 Reasons Hewlett Packard Could Continue To Soar

Hewlett Packard was one of 2013's great stock performers, leading some to speculate that it was poised for a disappointing 2014. But a new report provides 11 reasons why HP could, in fact, continue its climb.

2/18 Forbes How Hewlett-Packard Proved Me Right

Over a year ago, I wrote an article on Forbes entitled, “What Many People Are Missing About HP,” right after ’s securities analyst day. That day, the stock price started around $17 and ended the day below $15. While I am no financial analyst, but rather an industry analyst, my basic thesis in the column was that Hewlett Packard’s biggest detractors were basically out of touch, were discounting the company on most everything, and I simply pointed out the facts of the true state of the company. Hewlett Packard stock closed Friday at $30, double what it was when I wrote the co...