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IFOP: Macron to prevail over Le Pen in run-off with 60.5 to 39.5%

The shooting that took place in the Champs-Elysees area on Thursday evening did not affect much the approval ratings for presidential hopefuls on the last day of campaigning ahead of Sunday’s first round, as the latest daily poll by IFOP puts the support for centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron at 24.5%, slightly up from 24% yesterday, while the potential backing for the far-right’s Marine Le Pen, Republicans’ standard-bearer Francois Fillon, and the left’s Jean-Luc Melenchon stayed unchanged at 22.5%, 19.5% and 18.5% respectively.

In the hypothetical run-off, Macron is expected to prevail over Le Pen with 60.5 to 39.5%.

France is to hold the first round of the presidential election on April 23. The country has been under the state of emergency since November 2015, and the alert has been heightened following the Paris shooting which left one policeman dead and two injured on Thursday evening. The government has also announced the plan to deploy more than 50,000 police officers on Sunday to ensure there is no risk for French citizens casting their ballots.

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