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FTSE 100 reaches record high

The FTSE 100 reached another record high today following an earlier report that industrial production in the United Kingdom increased by 2% in November compared to the previous month. London’s blue chip index continues breaking new records despite the trade deficit being higher than expected. The balance of trade in goods showed a gap of £12.2 billion, considerably higher than the £9.9 billion for October. This leaves Britain’s total trade deficit at £4.2 billion in November.

The FTSE 100 increased 0.59% at 4:23 pm CET in London.  

Meanwhile in Germany, the DAX increased 0.85% at 4:39 pm CET.

In Paris, the CAC 40 was at 0.51% at 4:30 pm CET.

The pound lost 0.86% against the dollar at 1.2063 at 4:37 pm CET. The UK currency traded 0.07% in the green against the euro at 1.1530 at 4:38 pm CET.

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