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Treasuries trade lower as concerns over Trump fade

United States government bonds declined across the curve on Friday as worries about the stability of the Trump administration slowly fade away.

The yield on 10-year Treasuries rose 1.91 basis points to 2.2485% at 6:26 pm CET, while the yield on two-year bonds increased 0.62 basis points to 1.2744%. The yield on 30-year debt advanced 1.08 basis points to 2.9113% at the same time.

Across the Atlantic, the yield on 10-year German Bunds, a benchmark for the Eurozone, jumped 2.5 basis points to 0.368%, whereas the yield on British gilts of the same maturity climbed 3.5 basis points to 1.093%. Bond yields move in the opposite direction relative to prices.

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