1/16, 4:35 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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'Woke' military leaders not respected by Russia, China - Trump

Former United States President Donald Trump in his speech in Arizona said that the Biden administration has "utterly humiliated" the country on the world stage.

"Our woke military leaders are not respected by Russia, China and North Korea," said Trump, pointing to the fact that Pyongyang had started to shoot missiles again. The former president also condemned Biden for allowing Putin to, not only threaten Ukraine, but also Cuba and Venezuela, calling the move a "provocation" of the US.

As of late, Moscow started amassing troops on Ukraine's border leading to fears of a possible invasion. US intelligence says that roughly 175,000 Russian troops could become involved by early 2022, however, Biden had made it clear he would not drag the American military into a conflict with nuclear-armed Russia.

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