4/6/2020  6:12:27 PM Chg. -0.030 Volume Bid9:30:00 PM Ask9:30:00 PM Market Capitalization Dividend Y. P/E Ratio
1.150EUR -2.54% 7,040
Turnover: 8,306
1.150Bid Size: 949 1.250Ask Size: 874 24.19 mill.EUR 0.00% -

Business description

11 88 0 Solutions AG is the second-largest German service provider for regional advertising and directory inquiries. Via the www.11880.com directory, the corresponding smart phone and iPad apps as well as klicktel's software products, consumers can access contact details for private subscribers, business information and regional news. These online and mobile services are accessed by more than one million users in Germany each day, making them effective advertising platforms for businesses. In addition to company websites, prominently placed entries in the digital directories and social media profiles. 11 88 0 Solutions AG offers small and medium-sized enterprises numerous opportunities for marketing their products and services on the Internet via its 11 88 0 Internet Services AG subsidiary.

Management board & Supervisory board

Christian Maar
Management board
Supervisory board
Dr. Michael Wiesbrock, Helmar Hipp, Leonard Kiedrowski, Michael Amtmann, Ralf Ruhrmann, Sandy Jurkschat

Company data

Name: 11880 Solutions AG
Address: Kruppstraße 74,D-45145 Essen
Phone: +49-89-8954-0
Fax: +49-89-8954-1010
E-mail: presse@11880.com
Internet: https://www.11880.com/
Industry: Telecommunications
Sector: Wireless Communication
Sub sector: -
End of financial year: 12/31
Free Float: 21.00%
IPO date: 4/22/1999

Investor relations

Name: Anja Meyer
IR phone: +49-89-8954-1188
IR Fax: -
IR e-mail: investor.relations@11880.com

Company calendar

CW 19 | 5/7/2020 Interim Report 1st Quarter/3 Months
CW 25 | 6/18/2020 General Shareholder Meeting
CW 32 | 8/6/2020 Interim Report 2nd Quarter/6 Months
CW 45 | 11/5/2020 Interim Report 3rd Quarter/9 Months

Main Shareholders

united vertical media GmbH
RH Vermögensverwaltung GmbH