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Market Data

Real-time prices, market depth, time & sales and historical data


News and Fundamental Data

Worldwide news from leading agencies


Charts and Technical Analysis

Daily, intraday and tick data as well as technical indicators and drawing tools



In the browser, on a tablet or on a Smartphone – use it anywhere, anyplace

The TeleTrader WebStation is the information platform for the institutional user. The WebStation provides real-time prices and historical data along with news, charts and technical analysis. Due to the browser-based platform, the supply for large and distributed user groups can be established with ease. This is additionally supported by a permission system allowing the configuration of exchanges, news and other sources for groups and single users.

Data and Features

  • Worldwide exchanges and other markets
  • Real-time prices
  • Automatic push updating of all price data
  • Historical tick, intraday and daily data
  • Extensive search and screening capabilities
  • Market depth and times & sales
  • Stocks, indices , bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, commodities, interest rates, currencies and much more
  • Mutual fund comparison including closed-end funds
  • Watch list, portfolio and alarms
  • Data export and printing
  • Excel copy/paste and real-time link via RTD
  • Global coverage
    • Major North American equity and futures exchanges
    • Broad European coverage
    • Selected Asian exchanges
    • Worldwide cash markets, indices and derivatives markets
  • Special Sources
    • Interest rates & money market data
    • Macroeconomic data
    • Issuer / OTC feeds
    • Forex sources
news financials

News and Fundamental Data

  • Real-time news
  • News filters
  • Analyst reports and recommendations
  • Extensive fundamental data on worldwide companies
  • Company and mutual fund profiles, mutual fund prospectuses
  • Live creation and export of PDF factsheets

Charts and Technical Analysis

  • Tick, intraday, daily, weekly and monthly charts
  • 5 different chart types; linear, logarithmic and percentage scale
  • Overlay of securities
  • Over 100 indicators
  • Drawing tools like lines, trend channels, text, Fibonacci retracements and many more
  • Preferred chart settings are saved automatically


  • Select any number of filter criteria
  • Use price data, fundamental data and technical analysis for filtering
  • Compare multiple filter criteria with each other
  • Compared based on a user selected currency
  • Save and load screens
  • Receive trading signals through scheduled screens

TeleTrader Apps

Work on the go:
Same user access, same data, same price pages and portfolios

  • Real-time prices with automatic updates
  • Market depth
  • Charts and technical indicators
  • Current news

In combination with TeleTrader WebStation, exchange fees are only charged once.

TeleTrader Apps

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TeleTrader in den Medien

Per App am Puls der globalen Finanzmärkte

Mai 10, 2016  |  Österreich

Die Tageszeitung ÖSTERREICH stellte am 10.Mai unser „Stockmarket“ APP in der Rubrik „Money und Finanz“ vor.

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