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Alibaba unveils cloud computer Wuying

Alibaba Cloud presented several new products at its 12th annual Apsara Conference on Thursday, including its first cloud computer called Wuying.

Wuying is a "palm-sized" PC that weighs 60 grams and has no localhost or CPU, but "offers high-performance computing, thanks to robust back-end cloud resources." Alibaba's Cloud Intelligence President Jeff Zhang stressed the cloud computer's goal is to enable people to conduct tasks such as video editing, animation rendering, software development, and online customer services with a "tiny" PC that has access to "resilient computing power." He added such a device could particularly come in handy as many people switch to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among other products unveiled during the event is also an autonomous logistics robot for last-mile deliveries that can carry up to 50 packages at a time and cover 100 kilometers on one charge.

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