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Austin: 'There is time and space for diplomacy'

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Friday regarding the Ukraine crisis and the escalation of the situation with Russia that still "there is time and space for diplomacy."

During a press conference, Austin reaffirmed the diplomatic way amid the escalation. However, the US is taking "seriously" the current circumstances. He added that his government will continue to assist Ukraine through security assistance material, mentioning that since 2014 that aid has amounted to a total of $2.7 billion. He also noted that today the East European country received another shipment with equipment including "large quantities of artillery and small arms ammunition."

Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Russia to "prove" it has no intentions to invade his country. At the same time, he mentioned that it is not the case that there will be a war soon.

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