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Bercow to go to House of Lords if 'opportunity arises'

"It has been the established convention for a very long time," John Bercow, who has recently resigned from the position of the Speaker of the House of Commons, told GQ in an interview on Saturday when asked if he would be willing to move on to the House of Lords now that he has retired.

He said that "speaker after speaker after speaker after speaker" has gone to the Parliament's upper chamber upon retirement. "If the opportunity arose I would be inclined to do so. One has to see what happens," Bercow stressed.

The former speaker reiterated his stance on Brexit, saying that "I myself think that it is better for the UK to be part of the European Union," noting that remaining a part of the bloc is "the best deal." "I think I would say in six words: power bloc, trade bloc, civilized values," he underlined.

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