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Boeing: Software updated; FAA: We'll leave no stone unturned

Boeing Co. said it has finished fixing the 737 MAX anti-stall system that caused two deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia and will schedule a certification flight with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In a statement ahead of FAA meeting with civil aviation authorities on Thursday, Boeing said, "the software update is complete and Boeing is now providing additional information to address FAA requests. Once the requests are addressed, Boeing will work with the FAA to schedule its certification test flight and submit final certification documentation."

FAA acting administrator Dan Elwell said that the FAA has no time frame for re-certifying the 737 MAX. "We will follow a process that is robust, rigorous and we will leave no stone unturned. If it takes a year to find everything we need to give us the confidence, so be it," he said.

Earlier, American Airlines CEO Dough Parker said he believes that an "absolute fix" for the Boeing's 737 MAX anti-stall system exists. "There's one that we will all be comfortable with, or the aircraft won't be recertified. And our pilots are gonna agree with that, or the aircraft won't fly," Parker told NBC. "It’s incredibly important to us, that we get to a point where the entire aircraft aviation community feels comfortable that this airplane is ready to get back in the air. And when it is, we’ll be flying in it," Parker added.

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