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Boris Johnson urges May to drop Irish backstop, 'chuck' Chequers

The former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged the United Kingdom's Prime Minister Theresa May to denounce the European Union's demand for a backstop for the Irish border issue in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, according to an article he wrote for the Belfast News Letter on Saturday. Johnson once again urged the UK government to abandon May's Chequers proposal for the future UK-EU relationship, which would leave London in a closer partnership with Brussels after Brexit.

"The only way to put things back on the right track is to ditch the backstop and then to chuck Chequers,” Johnson wrote, repeating his "chuck Chequers" call first issued at the Tory conference in Birmingham earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the leader of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Arlene Foster said today that the current proposal for the Irish border issue put forward by the EU would amount to an "annexation" of the northern part of the Irish island and its separation from the rest of the UK. Foster, whose party is crucial in providing support to May's minority government, said that she would prefer a no deal to a bad Brexit deal. However, Foster added that she would travel To Dublin on Monday in order to find a mutually beneficial agreement on how to preserve the soft border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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