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China launches probe into FedEx over misrouting Huawei parcels

Chinese authorities launched an investigation into FedEx into its potential misconduct in handling Huawei documents and parcels, Chinese state media reported on Friday. According to Xinhua, China sent an inquiry letter to FedEx over its alleged "failure to deliver express packages" to the correct address and rerouting of the Chinese tech giant's documents to the United States.

In May, Huawei stated it is reviewing its relationship with the American courier company following reports of misrouting its packages. Earlier media reports said Beijing decided to probe the delivery service as its actions harmed the rights and interests of Huawei customers.

The Chinese tech giant has been in the middle of the US-China trade war as Washington placed it on its trade blacklist, claiming its alleged ties to the government in Beijing pose a threat to US national security. The US has also called on countries around the world to ban Huawei from its 5G networks. Meanwhile, China has dismissed all the accusations made by the US and pointed out Washington hasn't produced any evidence for its claims.

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