10/17, 3:45 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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China: New US diplomatic restrictions breach rules

The United States "has a far greater number of diplomatic personnel in China" than vice versa, the most populous nation's embassy in Washington said and accused the administration of President Donald Trump of breaching the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing has protested against the decision by the Department of State to obligate its diplomats to notify hosts in advance of any meetings and visits with state or local officials including educational and research institutions.

The US has claimed the measure is being introduced to get "a little bit of reciprocity" into the way that US diplomats are treated, which China denied. In 2018 alone, American diplomats paid more than 160 visits to Chinese universities, the embassy said. The State Department stressed its employees "do not have unfettered access to a range of folks" that are important for their job.

The world's two largest economies are entangled in a giant trade war. The US has expressed hope the dispute would prompt China to "provide greater access."

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