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China: US democracy in chaos in 2022

Chinese Foreign Ministry published on Monday a report on the health of the United States democracy in 2022, concluding it was "in chaos at home" and that it left a "trail of havoc and disasters" abroad. China pointed out that domestically, the US was plagued by issues including partisan fights, political donations, restrictions on the freedom of speech, and a politicized Supreme Court.

On the international scene, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the US "uses the pretext of democracy to oppress other countries and serve its own agenda," including accusing China of originating COVID-19, pulling out of Afghanistan, "fueling the flames" of the war in Ukraine, and aggravating tensions by supporting Taiwan. "What our world needs today is not to stoke division in the name of democracy and pursue de facto supremacy-oriented unilateralism, but to strengthen solidarity and cooperation and uphold true multilateralism on the basis of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter," the report concluded.

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