12/7/2023, 3:05 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Christie asks: Where is criticism of Trump

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie expressed his dissatisfaction that other Republican candidates have not brought up former United States President Donald Trump in the fourth Republican presidential primary debate yet.

He referred to Trump as Voldemort, a villain from the Harry Potter series, saying that the "truth needs to be spoken" and adding that the ex-head of the state is "unfit" to take the position again. "The fact is when you go and you say the truth about somebody who is a dictator, a bully who has taken shots at everybody — whether they've given him great service or not over time —who dares to disagree with him, then I understand why these three are timid to say anything about it," Christie commented.

He noted that while everyone else will be going to the polls on Election Day in 2024, Trump will be unable to cast his vote as he will be "convicted of felonies before then and his right to vote will be taken away."

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