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Congress taps Shalanda Young for OBM head after Tanden withdrawal

The United States Democratic members of Congress sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday, recommending Shalanda Young as the new nominee for the position of Office of Management and Budget Director, after Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination due to implausibility of its approval.

In their letter to Biden, Congressmen Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn praised Young's extensive experience, strategic mind and knowledge of the federal budget. "Her leadership at the OMB would be historic and would send a strong message that this administration is eager to work in close coordination with members of Congress to craft budgets that meet the challenges of our time and can secure broad, bipartisan support," the joint statement said.

Before Tanden's withdrawal, Young was nominated to be deputy director, but Republican representatives had already hinted she could lead the agency altogether. Young previously served as a staff director for the House Appropriations Committee.

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