7/6, 6:35 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Cuomo: Trump facilitates virus by denial, falsehoods

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo accused on Monday United States President Donald Trump that he "facilitated" the coronavirus, saying the denial of the COVID-19 existence is only "really advancing" it.

"If he does not acknowledge that, then he's facilitating the virus. He's enabling the virus. How did this become a political statement?" he stated, adding that the president says "a lot of things" that are not "necessarily facts" and "necessarily true." Cuomo called on the president to wear a mask and "send the signal" for the people to respect anti-virus measures and prevent the disease from spreading further.

Trump has recently been attracting harsh criticism over his administration's handling of the coronavirus, with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden saying the president has "failed us," and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claiming she would have "done a better job."

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