12/8/2023  7:56:32 PM Chg. -0.480 Volume Bid7:56:32 PM Ask7:56:32 PM Market Capitalization Dividend Y. P/E Ratio
21.920EUR -2.14% 9,763
Turnover: 214,967.340
21.680Bid Size: 300 21.920Ask Size: 300 8.65 bill.EUR 0.18% -

Business description

Deutsche Wohnen is one of the leading publicly listed property companies in Germany and Europe. Its operating focus in on managing and developing its portfolio, concentrating on residential properties.

Management board & Supervisory board

Konstantina Kanellopoulos
Management board
Olaf Weber
Supervisory board
Dr. Fabian Heß, Dr. Florian Stetter, Christoph Schauerte, Peter Hohlbein, Simone Schumacher

Company data

Name: Deutsche Wohnen SE
Address: Mecklenburgische Straße 57,D-14197 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-89786-0
Fax: +49-30-89786-1000
E-mail: -
Internet: www.deutsche-wohnen.de
Industry: Financial
Sector: Real estate
Sub sector: Real estate
End of financial year: 12/31
Free Float: 10.17%
IPO date: 11/2/1999

Investor relations

Name: Sebastian Jacob
IR phone: +49-30-89786-5413
IR Fax: +49-30-89786-5419
IR e-mail: ir@deutsche-wohnen.com

Company calendar

CW 12 | 3/20/2024 4th Quarter/Annual Report
CW 18 | 5/3/2024 Interim Report 1st Quarter/3 Months
CW 32 | 8/6/2024 Interim Report 2nd Quarter/6 Months
CW 45 | 11/8/2024 Interim Report 3rd Quarter/9 Months

Main Shareholders

Vonovia SE
own shares