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Dow adds over 300 pts as Syria concerns wane

The Dow continued rising on Monday after a solid start, as fears over a wider international conflict over Syria weakened. Despite closing the last week in the red just ahead of the US President Donald Trump's authorization of brief strikes against Syria, US markets recovered on Monday, with no indication of a broader military conflict with Russia in the Middle East.

The Dow Jones Industrial Index increased 1.20% at 7:33 pm CET, adding 297 points. The index was trading firmly above 1% in the green, with pharmaceuticals and health services contributing the most. The biggest gainer was United Health, followed by pharmaceutical giant Merck & Company, advancing 3.05% and 2.27% respectively.

The Nasdaq 100 was up 0.94%.

The S&P 500 improved 1.09%.

The euro improved against the US currency, going up 0.38% at 7:33 pm CET to sell for 1.2377.

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