NameLastDate / TimeChg.Chg. (%)Perf. 3MPerf. 1YHighLow 
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities ETF
87.429:54 PM+0.03+0.03%+2.65%+28.26%87.5587.04
iShares Convertible Bond ETF
101.899:52 PM+0.03+0.03%+1.69%+27.00%102.12101.42
Amplify High Income ETF
17.159:52 PM-0.02-0.12%-2.11%+13.35%17.2017.15
CPI Inflation Hedged ETF
27.516:16 PM-0.05-0.16%+0.59%+0.73%27.5527.51
First Trust SSI Strategic Convertible Securities ETF
51.62999:30 PM-0.1401-0.27%+2.00%+29.27%51.733451.3900
Invesco CEF Income Composite ETF
24.439:50 PM-0.08-0.33%+0.41%+17.11%24.5524.42
SPDR SSgA Income Allocation ETF of SSgA Active Trust
35.769:02 PM-0.12-0.34%-0.75%+12.24%35.8135.76
iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF
45.419:54 PM-0.16-0.35%+1.16%+9.74%45.5745.37
WBI BullBear Global Income ETF
25.009:11 PM-0.10-0.40%+0.73%+2.50%25.0825.00
iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF
40.049:54 PM-0.17-0.42%+0.96%+6.94%40.2140.01
IQ Hedge Macro Tracker
28.242:00 AM-0.13-0.46%-1.36%+2.62%28.2428.24
iShares Morningstar Multi-Asset Income ETF
24.229:54 PM-0.15-0.63%+0.25%+5.44%24.3424.22
GraniteShares HIPS US High Income ETF
15.369:25 PM-0.10-0.65%-2.35%+26.32%15.4315.35
SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETF of SSgA Active Trust
46.589:52 PM-0.33-0.69%+0.95%+18.19%46.8046.52
iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF
56.479:50 PM-0.41-0.72%+1.38%+15.81%56.8056.42
iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF Aggressive Allocation
71.389:47 PM-0.64-0.88%+1.51%+21.83%71.8271.31
Global X SuperDividend Alternatives ETF
13.52009:34 PM-0.1350-0.99%-0.66%+24.75%13.630013.5200
Cambria Global Momentum ETF US1320615081
29.619:45 PM-0.33-1.09%-1.20%+20.37%29.7529.61
SPDR SSgA Multi-Asset Real Return ETF of SSgA Active Trust
28.469:44 PM-0.35-1.21%-0.59%+25.54%28.7028.43
Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF
14.549:43 PM-0.28-1.89%-5.95%+24.70%14.8314.54
Arrow DWA Tactical ETF
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