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EU tech commissioner says he is 'worried' about Huawei

European Commissioner for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip stated on Friday that Europe has reasons to be "worried" about Huawei and other Chinese tech companies due to the alleged security threat coming from their business practices. Ansip told reporters in Brussels that Chinese tech firms could potentially harm the EU's industry and security. "We have to be worried about these companies," the official pointed out.

Ansip's comments come amid reports that Belgium is considering banning the usage of Huawei equipment in its state institutions due to the espionage allegations against the telecommunications giant. New Zealand's mobile carrier spark also recently decided to ban Huawei 5G equipment after Washington's warned its allies of the alleged security risks posed by the company.

Meanwhile, Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada under suspicion of violations of United States sanctions against Iran. Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded an explanation from Canada as well as for the executive to be immediately released.

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