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European markets start mixed after Syria airstrikes

European stock markets started the Monday trading session on a mixed note following airstrikes conducted by the United States, the United Kingdom and France against Syria in response to country's alleged chemical attack in Douma earlier in April. Tha coalition launched over 100 missiles on targets allegedly involved in the production of chemical arsenal, while the US President Donald Trump and Pentagon described the outcome of the operation as "mission accomplished." However, Washington confirmed that no additional strikes are planned in Syria, while the White House reiterated that the US forces will leave the country as soon as possible. At the same time, Syria, Russia, Iran and China condemned the operation, while Germany and the European Union praised the attack.

The British FTSE 100 started the session 0.12% lower, weighed down by WPP following the resignation of its longtime CEO Martin Sorrell over the weekend. The DAX gained 0.28% at the opening bell, with Lufthansa as the best performer. Meanwhile, the main French index CAC 40 added 0.11% to start the trading day in the green, helped by STMicroelectronics.

The euro was virtually unchanged against the dollar to sell for 1.2331 at 9:04 am CET, while the pound slightly increased versus the greenback to go fro 1.4245 at the same time.

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