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Excluding Russia from Nord Stream probe 'alarming' - Kremlin

Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that statements from some western countries that Russia should not take part in the investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline leaks are "alarming."

"So far, from the press conferences that were held in Denmark and Sweden we have heard such alarming statements that any cooperation with the Russian side is excluded," Peskov stated. "We believe, of course, that the participation of Russia in the inspection of damaged sites and in the investigation of what happened should be mandatory," he added.

Earlier, Nord Stream 2 AG said it didn't receive the necessary permits to inspect the damaged parts of the pipeline from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It is yet to be determined who was behind the sabotage of the pipelines, but the United States insisted Moscow's allegations Washington could have been involved are "flat out false" and claimed Moscow has a history of accusing someone else for its own actions, but stressed the investigation is needed to find out the truth.

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