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Facebook says 29M accounts hacked in September

Hackers stole 29 million access tokens of Facebook users in September, according to an update released by the social media giant on Friday, revising down the first estimate of 50 million.

"The attackers used a portion of [...] 400,000 people’s lists of friends to steal access tokens for about 30 million people," the statement reads. According to the latest findings, the company said that hackers stole basic information, including name and either name and phone number, of 14 million users. For the other 15 million accounts, the attackers accessed additional information including location, religion, gender and device information.

On September 28, Facebook reported it discovered a "security issue" that was affecting approximately 50 million accounts. According to the company, the social media platform found certain issues with its "View As" feature.

Following the update, the tech giant's shares dropped to negative territory, falling 0.45% at 7:03 om CET.

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