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France recalls its Italy envoy over Yellow Vests

France recalled its ambassador to Italy, Christian Masset (pictured), over a spat between the two countries that arouse after Rome's Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio met with French Yellow Vest protest representatives earlier in the week, AFP reported on Thursday. Following the meeting, Paris warned Italy not to succumb to "provocation."

France's Quay D'Orsay stated that it is pulling its envoy as a result of "unprecedented verbal attacks" from Italy that have not been common since the end of World War Two. Furthermore, the French Foreign Ministry noted that Di Maio's comments after his meeting with the protesters are seen as "interference" in France's internal affairs.

Earlier, Italy's deputy prime ministers Ministers Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio expressed their support for the Yellow Vet movement.

Masset has been Paris' envoy to Rome since September 2017.

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