Investment companies

Name Funds Country
Compass AM S.A. 2 Luxembourg
Concorde Alapkezelő Zrt. 49 unknown
Conseq Inv.Mgmt. 11 Czech Republic
Conventum AM 14 Luxembourg
Coupland Cardiff AM 8 United Kingdom
CPR Asset Management 34 France
Credit Suisse Fd. M. 323 Luxembourg
Credit Suisse Funds 183 Switzerland
CSOB Asset Mgmt. 1 Czech Republic
CSOP Asset Management Limited 20 unknown
Cullen Capital Mgmt. 4 Ireland
Culross Gl.Inv.M. 1 United Kingdom
Daiwa SB Inv.(UK)Ltd 1 United Kingdom
Dalton Strateg.PS 2 United Kingdom
Danske Invest 63 Luxembourg
Davis Funds 2 United States of America
Degroof Petercam AM 247 Luxembourg
Deka 260 Germany
Deka Internat.S.A. 173 Luxembourg
Delaware Investments 7 United States of America