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Gabbard wants Clinton to face her 'directly'

Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii and contender in the Democratic primaries Tulsi Gabbard doubled down on her feud with Hillary Clinton, calling the unsuccessful 2016 candidate again to join the race and have a direct confrontation with her. Clinton has described Gabbard as "being groomed to be a Russian asset."

"If this a fight she wants to have, one that has implications for all of us and the future of our democracy, then I challenge her to come out from behind her proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media, and face me directly," stated the fundraising email sent to supporters of Gabbard, who still serves as a major in the Hawaii Army National Guard.

As a veteran of the Iraq war, Gabbard has made her opposition to "regime change wars" the main element of her campaign. The media and parts of her own Democratic Party have accused her of being an "apologist" of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, as she was a part of a congressional delegation that visited Syria in 2017 and had talks with the president of the country.

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