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Huawei exec: UK will resist US pressure on 5G

The United Kingdom will most likely resist pressure coming from the United States in regard to the installation of a Huawei 5G network, the tech giant's head of global government affairs, Victor Zhang, told Sky News on Thursday.

Zhang stressed: "Whatever happens on the political side will not impact Huawei's decision in the UK." He added the country will invest in the UK regardless of the UK's political decision of 5G networks. The executive also pointed out that Huawei believes the UK will "make the right decision" and will not be influenced by "politically motivated" pressure from Washington.

The UK is yet to make a final decision on Huawei's 5G rollout which was initially allegedly approved in the UK. However, London said that the British government plans to consider the US stance on Huawei when making its final call.

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