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Huawei offers $26M to developers to make apps for its phones

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. held a developer day event in London on Wednesday, during which it announced a $26 million investment for the development of apps for Huawei's App Gallery aimed at British and Irish developers.

The Chinese tech giant claimed that it would take only 15% off of its developers' revenue, while, in comparison, Apple Inc. and Google LLC deduct 30%. Huawei's European Vice President of consumer services Jamie Gonzalo stated that "ads aren't important" to the company, which would result in fewer intrusions when using Huawei apps, and in turn, be more user-friendly from a "privacy perspective."

New Huawei phones run on an open-source Android version. Google announced last year that it would discontinue licensing of its Android operating system to Huawei in the future.

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