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Hunt insists Tories wouldn't give up Scotland, NI for Brexit

United Kingdom Foreign Secretary and Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt told BBC's Radio 4 on Wednesday that he doesn't believe members of the Conservative Party would really be willing to lose Scotland or Northern Ireland in order to ensure Britain leaves the European Union, despite polls indicating otherwise.

A YouGov poll released on Tuesday showed that as many as 63% Tory members would not mind Scotland leaving the UK if that was the way to deliver Brexit, while 59% said they would be ok with Northern Ireland not being a part of the UK. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted against leaving the EU in 2016. Hunt claimed that the results of the poll reflect the fact that people are "extremely frustrated" that the whole Brexit process has taken too long. "I don't think for a moment people would want to lose Scotland or Northern Ireland or crash the economy," he noted.

The official added Tories need a leader who is a "tough negotiator" and with whom the EU will want to renegotiate the existing withdrawal agreement. However, the EU has insisted the new UK prime minister will not be able to get a different Brexit deal.

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