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Hunt: We can do better than Johnson as PM

United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Thursday that he believes he does have a chance in the Tory leadership race and insisted Britain "can do better than Boris Johnson" as its next prime minister.

"I’m confident but not over-confident. We’ve had three ballots. In every one of those ballots people have said that I’m not going to do well. Each time I’ve exceeded expectations," Hunt said as he headed to vote in the fourth ballot of the Tory leadership contest. "I need my supporters to come and say, ‘Yes, we can do better than Boris Johnson as the next prime minister of our country, we can choose someone who the European Union are actually going to talk to, and get that better Brexit deal,’" he added.

Johnson has won the first three rounds of the contest with a large margin and is the hot favorite to succeed Theresa May as the party leader and UK prime minister. However, Hunt, who came in second in the ballots, claimed he will put his "heart and soul" into giving the former London mayor and UK foreign secretary a "contest of his life" if he is the one to go head to head with Johnson.

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