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Iran's Zarif: US doesn't know what to think

Iran's foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif alleged on Friday that the United States administration is divided on its policy on Iran, with President Donald Trump's statements differing from what his aides do. This brings Iran into an advantage, he explained, as his country has known what to think of the US since 1953, when the US-backed coup ousted Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and strengthened the rule of the last Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was then brought down in 1979's Islamic Revolution.

Zarif wrote: "With the #B_Team doing one thing & @realDonaldTrump saying another thing, it is apparently the U.S. that "doesn’t know what to think”. We in Iran have actually known what to think for millennia - and about the U.S., since 1953. At this point, that is certainly "a good thing!""

Yesterday, the top Iranian diplomat stated that he sees "no possibility" for negotiations with the United States. Earlier in the week, Trump declared that there is "no infighting" within his administration over Middle East policy.

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