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Israel's minister touts deposing Hamas in Gaza

Yuval Steinitz, Israel's Minister of Energy, threatened on Sunday Hamas' rule in Gaza, saying a move to topple the political and militant movement is "closer than ever." The country's soldiers killed three Palestinian men in a weekly protest two days before, including a medic. There were more than 130 people wounded by Israeli gunfire and over three hundred were injured in total, according to the enclave's Ministry of Health.

Gaza has seen an intense week of lethal exchange of fire, with no deaths reported on the Israeli side. Hamas declared it reached an agreement to cease hostilities, which the other side denied, after hinting it may launch a ground offensive. Steinitz declared a push to crush Hamas, if there is no other way, is "definitely an option," but that the government is "not interested" in starting a conventional war.

Israel killed at least 160 Palestinians in Gaza since the end of March, while at the same time one of its troops lost his life.

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