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Johnson: Preparations for a no-deal Brexit 'top priority'

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that the preparations for a no-deal Brexit scenario are "top priority" of the newly formed cabinet he leads. While presenting the priorities of the government in the UK House of Commons, Johnson stated that he was ready to meet with the representatives of the European Commission "wherever and wherever, in the spirit of friendship," and that he wants to negotiate alternative for the Irish backstop issue.

The newly elected prime minister acknowledged that the deal with the European Union previously reached was "unacceptable" to the public and that the UK is better prepared for no-deal Brexit "than many believe." "If [the EU] refuses [to reach a new deal] we will have to leave without one, under Article 50," Johnson said, adding that in the meantime £39 billion in the withdrawal funds may be used to alleviate the crisis in the short term.

Johnson vowed to complete the process of UK's departure from the bloc by October 31, saying that the Brexit will present economic opportunities over which Britain may become "the most prosperous economy in Europe."

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