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Jury says Apple infringed on three Qualcomm patents

United States chip maker Qualcomm Inc. said on Friday it achieved a victory in court after a jury in San Diego federal court found that Apple Inc. infringed three Qualcomm's patents, CNBC reported. THe two-week trial in San Diego ended today, leaving Apple with $31 million due to pay to Qualcomm.

Qualcomm first sued Apple two years ago, accusing the tech giant of using its technology in some iPhone models without permission. One of the patents enables the device to connect to the internet when switched on, while the second is related to battery life and graphics. Finally, the third patent deals with movement between the device processor and modem for faster downloads.

Following the news, Qualcomm shares added 1.81% at 2:48 pm ET, while Apple increased by 1.86% at the same time.

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