7/13/2018, 9:44 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Khan to Trump: Preposterous to link immigration to rising crime

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan responded on Friday to United States Donald Trump's recent criticism of him by saying it is "preposterous" to make a link between immigration and the rising crime rates in the British capital. "To blame this on immigration from Africa is preposterous and we should call him out when he does so," he said. Regarding Trump's comment about Khan doing "a very bad job" on crime and terrorism, the mayor stated that it is "interesting that President Trump is not criticising the mayors of other cities" that were faced with terrorist attacks.

Khan also defended his decision to allow anti-Trump protestors in London to fly a Trump baby balloon over Westminster, saying that the freedom of speech cannot be limited because "somebody’s feelings might be hurt." “We’ve got a rich history of having a sense of humour in this country as well and my point about today’s protests is that they should be peaceful and good spirited,” he said. The mayor added that he also allowed a pro-Trump rally to be organized in London. "Tomorrow I understand they’ll also be a pro-Trump demonstration, I’m not banning that either," he said.

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