11/29/2022, 8:32 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Long-term lockdowns should be avoided - China

The Chinese Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Team of the State Council shared on Tuesday, while answering questions regarding the COVID-19 measures, that long-term lockdowns should be avoided.

"Long-term lockdown will not only impact the general public's normal life and work, it can easily trigger anxiety and such practices must be addressed and avoided," one of the health officials present commented. When imposed, "lockdowns should be quick, [and] removal of [these] lockdowns should be equally quick," the health official said.

He further noted that the classification of those at risk "should be based on epidemiological survey results and shouldn't be arbitrarily expanded." Although there needs to be "rigorous control" in high-risk regions, the inconvenience for the general public needs to be minimized and excessive curbs avoided, the health official concluded.

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