Lyxor FTSE MIB Daily(-2x)Inv.(Xb.)UE A./  FR0010446666  /

NAV2/2/2023 Chg.-0.0231 Type of yield Investment Focus Investment company
0.7570EUR -2.96% reinvestment Special Type ETF Special Amundi Asset Mgmt. 

Investment goal

The LYXOR UCITS ETF FTSE MIB DAILY DOUBLE SHORT (Xbear) is a UCITS compliant exchange traded fund that aims to track the benchmark index FTSE MIB Daily Super Short Strategy RT Gross TR. The FTSE Short Strategy Indices attempt to replicate the inverse returns experienced by an investor attaining the negative daily performance of the underlying headline index i.e. by short selling the index with a daily rebalance. The cost of dividends and benefit of earning interest for the short position are taken into account in the index calculation of the short indices, as is the cost of borrowing stock. The short indices are derived from the existing underlying headline Total Return Indices.

Master data

Type of yield: reinvestment
Funds Category: Special Type
Country: Italy
Branch: ETF Special
Benchmark: FTSE MIB Daily Super Short Strategy RT Gross TR Index
Business year start: 11/1
Last Distribution: -
Depository bank: Société Générale
Fund domicile: France
Distribution permission: Austria, Germany
Fund manager: Raphaël Dieterlen, Jean-Marc Guiot
Fund volume: 56 mill.  EUR
Launch date: 2/8/2008
Investment focus: -


Issue surcharge: 0.00%
Max. Administration Fee: 0.60%
Minimum investment: 1.00 EUR
Deposit fees: -
Redemption charge: 0.00%
Ongoing charges (10/31/2021): 0.60%
Key Investor Information: Download (Print version)

Investment company

Funds company: Amundi Asset Mgmt.
Address: 90 boulevard Pasteur, 75015, Paris
Country: France