6/21/2021  5:36:28 PM Chg. -0.130 Volume Bid6/21/2021 Ask6/21/2021 Market Capitalization Dividend Y. P/E Ratio
3.720EUR -3.38% 9,706
Turnover: 36,977.880
-Bid Size: - -Ask Size: - 103.06 mill.EUR 0.00% -

Business description

MagForce AG, listed in the entry standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, together with its subsidiary MagForce USA, Inc. is a leading medical device company in the field of nanomedicine focused on oncology. The Group's proprietary NanoTherm(TM) therapy enables the targeted treatment of solid tumors through the intratumoral generation of heat via activation of superparamagnetic nanoparticles. Mithril Capital Management, a growth-stage technology fund founded by Ajay Royan and Peter Thiel, along with MagForce AG, are investors and strategic partners in MagForce USA, Inc. NanoTherm(TM), NanoPlan(R), and NanoActivator(R) are components of the therapy and have received EU-wide regulatory approval as medical devices for the treatment of brain tumors. MagForce, NanoTherm, NanoPlan, and NanoActivator are trademarks of MagForce AG in selected countries.

Management board & Supervisory board

Dr. Ben J. Lipps
Management board
Christian von Volkmann
Supervisory board
Norbert Neef, Aaron Weaver, Klemens Hallmann

Company data

Name: MagForce AG
Address: Max-Planck-Straße 3,D-12489 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-308-380-0
Fax: +49-30-308-380-99
E-mail: info@magforce.com
Internet: www.magforce.de/
Industry: -
Sector: -
Sub sector: -
End of financial year: 12/31
Free Float: 75.00%
IPO date: -

Investor relations

Name: Barbara von Frankenberg
IR phone: +49-30-308380-77
IR Fax: -
IR e-mail: bfrankenberg@magforce.com

Company calendar

CW 27 | 6/30/2021 4th Quarter/Annual Report
CW 44 | 10/28/2021 Interim Report 2nd Quarter/6 Months

Main Shareholders