11/26/2021, 9:53 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Moderna to 'advance' jab targeting Omicron strain

Moderna Inc. revealed on Friday that it "will rapidly advance" a booster candidate of its coronavirus vaccine that would specifically fight the Omicron variant of the disease.

The Massachusetts-based biotechnology company hinted that the new vaccine candidate could progress to clinical testing in "60-90 days," as was the case with previous variant-specific candidates. In addition, Moderna is "already studying" two other "multi-valent booster candidates in the clinic that were designed to anticipate mutations such as those that have emerged in the Omicron variant."

The company also announced it finished testing a higher, 100 microgram booster dose and will be looking to determine whether it "provides superior neutralizing protection against Omicron" as well. Currently, only the 50 microgram booster dose of the Moderna vaccine is approved in the US and the effectiveness of that dose will also be tested against the new variant, according to the company.

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