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Integrity Securities Publishes List of OTCBB Eligible "Certificate Only" Trading Stocks

City of Industry, CA, Jan 16, 2003 ( ) -- Many
OTCBB companies including Sionix (OTCBB: SINX) and FreeStar (OTCBB:
FSTI) have proclaimed foul at short selling activity. Integrity
Securities Advises OTCBB Companies to explore going "Certificate
Issuer Only" to Curb Naked Shorting. The prices of several stocks
have increased and several have decreased which have opted out of
electronic share ownership via the Depository Trust Corporation (DTC)
in favor of actual share certificates. Gainers include GeneMax Corp.
(OTC: GMXX) and JAG MEDIA (OTC BB:JGMHA). For more information on how
OTCBB Eligible "Certificate Only" Trading can curb shorting activity
contact Integrity Securities at 626-961-5694 . OTCBB Eligible
"Certificate Only" Trading Stocks according to a recent database of
all OTCBB stocks compiled by Integrity Securities includes - 1st
Colonial Bancorp, Inc. ,1st Net Technologies Inc, 1st Pacific Bank Of
California ,20/20 WEB DESIGN INC,21st Century Technologies Inc,
24Holdings Inc,2ksounds Corporation,37POINT9,3CI Complete Compliance
Corporation, 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. , 3Si Holdings, Inc. ,4-D
Neuroimaging, 4net Software, Inc. ,5G Wireless Communications Inc,800
AMERICA.COM INC, 9278 Communications, Inc. ,A NOVO BROADBAND INC,A S
P Ventures Corporation, A Time To Grow, Inc. ,A21 Group Inc,Aames
Financial Corporation,ABCI Holdings Inc, Aberdene Mines, Ltd. ,Able
Laboratories Inc,Abraxas Petroleum Corporation,ABSS Corporation,Acap
Corporation,Accelr8 Technology Corporation, Access Health
Alternatives, Inc. , Access Power, Inc. , Access Worldwide
Communications, Inc. ,Accesspoint Corporation, Accesstel, Inc. ,
Accident Prevention Plus, Inc. , Accufacts Pre-Employment Screening,
Inc. ,Accuimage Diagnostics Corp.,Accupoll Holdings Corporation,
Achievement Tec Holdings, Inc. , ACI Telecentrics, Incorporated
,ACMAT Corporation,ACNB Corporation,Acola Corporation, ACR Group,
Inc. ,Active Link Communications Inc.,Activeworlds Corporation, Adair
International Oil & Gas, Inc. ,ADB Systems International Inc.,
Addvantage Media Group, Inc. ,Adirondack Pure Springs Mountain Water
Co Inc, ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. ,Adpads Inc.,Adrian Resources
Limited,Adriatic Holdings Ltd, Advance Display Technologies, Inc.
,Advance Technologies Inc,Advanced Biotherapy Inc, Advanced
Communications Technologies, Inc. , Advanced Engine Technologies,
Inc. , Advanced Gaming Technology, Inc. ,Advanced Healthcare
Technologies Inc, Advanced Materials Group, Inc. , Advanced Optics
Electronics, Inc. , Advanced Oxygen Technologies, Inc. , Advanced
REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGIES INC, Advanced Remote Communications
Solutions, Inc. , Advanced Technology Industries, Inc. ,Advanced
Tobacco Products Inc,Advanced Viral Research Corp.,Advant-E
Corporation,Advantage Bank, Adven, Inc. , Advocat, Inc. ,Adzone
Research Inc,Aegis Communications Group Inc.,Aes Trust,Aethlon
Medical Inc., AF Bankshares, Inc. , Affinity Technology Group, Inc.
,AFP Imaging Corporation,Ag-Bag International Ltd, Agate
Technologies, Inc. , Age Research, Inc. ,Agrocan Corp.,Agronix Inc,
Agtsports, Inc. , Air Brook Airport Express, Inc. , Air Packaging
Technologies, Inc. , Air Test Technology, Inc. , Airlease, Ltd. ,
Airtrax, Inc. , AJS Bancorp, Inc. (Illinois) ,Alabama Power Company,
Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. , Alamance National Bank (Graham, NC)
,Alamogordo Financial Corp., Alaska Pacific Bancshares, Inc. ,Alberta
Star Development Corporation,Albina Community Bancorp,Albion Aviation
Inc,Alec Bradley Cigar Corporation,ALFA International Corp.,Alfacell
Corporation, Algiers Bancorp, Inc. , All State Properties, L.P.
,All-American Sportpark Inc.,ALLAIRE COMMUNITY BANK,Allcity Insurance
Company, Allegheny Valley Bancorp, Inc. ,Allergy Immuno Technologies
Inc,ALLERGY RESEARCH GROUP INC,Alliance Bancshares CA, Alliance
Healthcard, Inc. ,Allied Devices Corporation, Allied First Bancorp,
Inc. (Maryland) ,Allin Corporation,Allis-Chalmers Corporation,Alloy
Steel International Inc,ALLTEL Corporation,Alpena Bancshares
Inc.,Alpha Spacecom Inc,Alpha Virtual Inc,ALPHACOM CORPORATION,
Alpharx, Inc. ,Alphatrade.Com,Alpine Air Express Inc, Alpine Group,
Inc. (The) ,ALR TECHNOLOGIES INC,Alternative Resources Corp.,
Alternative Technology Resources, Inc. ,Altex Industries Inc,Altris
Software Inc, AM Communications, Inc. ,Amanasu Energy
Corporation,Amanda Company Inc (The), Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. ,
Amarillo Mesquite Grill, Inc. ,Ambase Corporation,Ambient
Corporation, Ambra Resources Group, Inc. , Ameralia, Inc.
,Ameri-Dream Entertainment Inc, America's Senior Financial Services,
Inc. , Americabilia.Com, Inc. ,American Ammunition Inc (CA),American
Asset Management Corporation, American Bancorp, Inc. , American Bank
(Rockville, MD) ,American Bank Inc, American Bank Note Holographics,
Inc. , American Biogenetic Sciences, Inc. , American Business Bank
(Los Angeles, CA) ,AMERICAN COMMERCE SOLUTIONS INC,American Education
Corporation (The), American Energy Group, Ltd. (The) ,American Energy
Production Inc,American Energy Services Inc,American Fire Retardant
Corporation (NV),American Group Inc., American Healthchoice, Inc. ,
American Homepatient, Inc. ,American Hospital Resources Inc,American
International Industries Inc,American International Petroleum
Corporation,American Lesiure Holdings Inc, American Millennium
Corporation, Inc. , American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. ,American
Petro-Hunter Inc,American Skiing Company, American Soil Technologies,
Inc. ,American Sports Development Group Inc, American Sports History,
Inc. , American Stone Industries, Inc. , American Technologies Group,
Inc. ,American Toy Vending Inc,American United Global Inc, American
Wagering, Inc. ,American Water Star Inc,Americana Publishing Inc,
Americare Health Scan, Inc. ,Americas Power Partners Inc., Amerimmune
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , Ameriresource Technologies, Inc. ,Amerityre
Corporation, Ames Department Stores, Inc. ,Ames National
Corporation,Amexdrug Corporation, AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc. , AML
Communications, Inc. ,Amnis Systems Inc., Anacomp, Inc. IND New
,Analex Corp, Angelo & Maxie's, Inc. ,Anglo Swiss Resources
Inc,Animal Cloning Sciences Inc.,Anooraq Resources
Corporation,Anthony Clark International Insurance Brokers Ltd,Ants
Software Inc,Anza Capital Inc,Apache Motor Corporation,API
Electronics Group Inc,Apiva Ventures Limited,APO HEALTH INC, Apolo
Gold, Inc. ,Appalachian Power Company,Apple Valley Bank & Trust
Company (CT),Applera Corporation, Applewood's Restaurants, Inc.
,Applied Medical Devices Inc,Applnc Recyclng Centers America,Approved
Financial Corp.,Apta Holdings Inc., Aqua Dyne, Inc. ,Aqua Vie
Beverage Corporation,Aquapro Corporation,AQUATIC CELLULOSE INTL
CORP,Aquis Communications Group Inc.,Arbor Entech Corp.,Arbor Inc,
ARC Communications, Inc. , Arc Wireless Solutions, Inc. , Arch
Wireless, Inc. ,ARCHON CORP,Arena Resources Inc,Arete Industries Inc,
ARI Network Services, Inc. , Aris Industries, Inc. ,ARKONA INC,Armagh
Group Inc,Armitec Inc,AROS CORP,ARS Networks Incorporated,Artemis
International Solutions Corp,Artesian Resources
Corporation,Artificial Life, Asante Technologies, Inc. , Ascendant
Solutions, Inc. , Ascent Assurance, Inc. ,Asconi Corporation,ASGA
Inc, Ashton Technology Group, Inc. (The) ,ASI ENTERTAINMENT INC,ASI
Technology Corporation,Asia Fiber Holdings Ltd., Asia Pacific
Resources, Ltd. ,Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited,
Asiacontent.Com, Ltd , Asian American Bank & Trust Company (Boston,
MA) ,ASIAN STAR DEVELOPMENT INC,Aspen Exploration Corporation,Aspen
Group Resources Corporation, Asphalt Paving International, Inc. ,
Assisted Living Concepts, Inc. New ,Assure Energy Inc,Astralis Ltd,
Astrex, Inc. ,Astris Energi Inc,Astrocom Corp,Astronics
Corporation,Asyst Corporation,Atchison Casting Corporation,ATLANTIC
BANCGROUP INC,Atlantic Caspian Resources PLC,Atlantic City Electric
Company, Atlantic Syndication Network, Inc. ,Atlantic Technology
Ventures Inc., Atlas Minerals, Inc. ,Atlas Mining
Company,Atlas-Republic Corporation,ATNG Inc, ATX Communications, Inc.
,Aucxis Corporation,AUG Corp,Augrid Corporation, Aura Systems, Inc. ,
Aurizon Mines, Ltd. ,Aurora Gold Corporation,Aurora Metals BVI Ltd,
Austins Steaks & Saloons, Inc. ,Australian-Canadian Oil Royalties
Ltd.,Auteo Media Inc., Authoriszor, Inc. ,Auto Data Network Inc,
Auto-Graphics, Inc. , Auto-Q International, Inc. , Autocarbon.Com,
Inc. , Autocorp Equities, Inc. ,Autofund Servicing Inc,Autoinfo Inc,
Autotradecenter.Com, Inc. , Auxer Group, Inc. (The) ,Avado Brands
Inc.,Avalon Capital Inc.,Avani International Group Inc, Avant
Immunotherapeutics, Inc. ,Avatar Systems Inc,Avatex Corporation,
Avenue Entertainment Group, Inc. , Avery Communications, Inc. ,Avic
Technologies Ltd,Avid Sportswear & Golf Corporation,AVIVA PETROLEUM
INC., Avoca, Incorporated , AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc.
,Axesstel Inc,Axia Group Inc., Axtion Foods, Inc. ,Aztec
Communications Group Inc,Azurel Ltd.,B F C Financial Corp,B.H.I.T.
Inc., BAB, Inc. , Bach-Hauser, Inc. ,Baker Boyer Bancorp,Balaton
Power Inc, Ballantyne Of Omaha, Inc. , Ballistic Recovery Systems,
Inc. , Ballston Spa Bancorp, Inc. ,Balsam Ventures Inc,Bancaffiliated
Inc,Bangor Hydro Elec,Bank Astoria Oregon,Bank Mckenney VA,Bank North
Carolina Thomasville, Bank Northwest (Bellingham, WA) ,Bank Of Amador
(CA),Bank Of Coronado, Bank Of Evansville, N.A. (Indiana) ,Bank Of
Sacramento,Bank Of The Carolinas (NC), Bank Of The James (Lynchburg,
VA) ,Bank Of Westport (CT),BANK OF WILMINGTON, Bank On It, Inc. (CA)
,Bank Salem Oregon,Bank Utica NY,Bank Visalia,BANKENGINE TECHNOLOGIES
INC,Banker's Store Inc (The),Bankplus Federal Savings Bank
(Illinois),Bankrate Inc,Banyan Corporation (Oregon),Banyan Strategic
Realty Trust SBI, Baraboo Bancorp, Inc. ,Barbecue Capital
Corporation,BARNEYS NEW YORK INC,Barrington Foods International Inc,
Base Ten Systems, Inc. , Basic Earth Science Systems, Inc. ,Basic
Energy Inc,Basic Technologies Inc, Battery Technologies, Inc. ,Bauer
Partnership Inc,Baxter International Inc., Bay Banks Of Virginia,
Inc. ,Bay National Corporation (Maryland),Bay Resources Ltd.,Baylake
Corp,Bayonne Community Bank (NJ),Baywood Intl Inc,BBJ Environmental
Technologies Inc,BCT International Inc.,Beach First National
Bancshares Inc,Beard Company, Becor Communications, Inc. ,Bedford
Holdings Inc,Beechport Capital Corp, Benchmark Bankshares, Inc.
,Benchmark Technology Corporation,Benguet Corp.,Bentley
Communications Corporation,Bepariko Biocom,Beres Industries
Inc,Bernard Chaus New, BERT Logic, Inc. ,Bestnet Communications
Corp.,Bethlehem Steel Corporation,BEVERLY HOLDINGS INC,Beverly
National Corporation,Bevsystems International Inc, BGI, Inc. ,BICO
Inc.,BIFS Technologies Corporation, Big Equipment Services, Inc. ,
Bigstar Entertainment, Inc. ,Bingham Financial Services
Corporation,Bingo.Com Inc,Bio Standard Corporation,Bio-American
Capital Corporation, Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. ,BIO-Key
International Inc,Bio-Lok International Inc,Bio-Medical Automation
Inc,Bio-One Corporation, Bio-Plexus, Inc. ,Bio-Solutions
International Inc,BIOCORAL INC, Biocurex, Inc . , Bioenvision, Inc. ,
Bioethics, Ltd. ,Biofarm Inc,Biofield Corp., Bioforest Pacific, Inc.
,Biokeys Pharmaceuticals Inc, Biomasse International, Inc. ,Biomerica
Inc., Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. , Bionutrics, Inc.
,Biophan Technologies Inc, Bioprogress Technology International, Inc.
,Biopulse International Inc, Biosante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ,
Bioshield Technologies, Inc. , Biosyntech, Inc. ,Biotech Holdings
LTD,Biozhem Cosmeceuticals Inc, Birch Mountain Resources, Ltd.
,Birmingham Steel Corporation,Bishop Capital Corporation, Bison
Instruments, Inc. , Biznessonline.Com, Inc. ,Black Warrior Wireline
Corporation, Blackhawk Bancorp, Inc. , Blagman Media International,
Inc. ,Blue Industries Inc,Blue Ridge Energy Inc,Blue Ridge Real
Estate Co. & Big Boulder Corp.,Blue Valley Ban Corp (Kansas),Bluebook
International Holding Company (The),Bluepoint Linux Software Corp.,
Bluestar Leasing, Inc. ,BNS Company,Boardwalkbank,Bongiovi
Entertainment Inc,Bontex Inc.,Borrego Springs Bank (California),Boss
Holdings Inc.,Boston Edison Company, Boston Life Sciences, Inc. ,
Boston Restaurant Associates, Inc. ,Boulder Acquisitions
Inc,Bouncebacktechnologies.Com, Bourbon Bancshares, Inc. ,Bovie
Medical Corporation,Bowlin Travel Centers Inc, Boystoys.Com, Inc.
,Braden Technologies Inc.,Bradner Ventures Ltd, Braintech, Inc.
,Brainworks Ventures Inc.,Brandaid Marketing Corp, Brandmakers, Inc.
, Brandpartners Group, Inc. , Brands Shopping Network, Inc ,BRAVO!
LTD,Brenex Oil Corporation, Bresler & Reiner, Inc. , Bridge Bancorp,
Inc. , Bridge Bank Of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA) ,Brightcube
Inc., Brightstar Information Technology Group, Inc. ,BRL HOLDINGS
INC,Broadband Wireless International Corporation,Broadengate Systems
Inc,Broadleaf Capital Partners Inc,Broadview Media Inc., Bronze
Marketing, Inc. ,BSD Medical Corporation,BSD Software Inc, Buck A Day
Company, Inc. (The) ,Buckhead America Corporation,Bucktv.Com
Inc.,BUCS Financial Corporation, Budget Group, Inc. ,Budgethotels
Network Inc,Bulova Corporation,Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
(Virginia), Burke Mills, Inc. , Burlington Industries, Inc. ,
Burst.Com, Inc. ,Burzynski Research Institute Inc,Business Bank
Corporation,Businessway International Corporation,Butler National
Corporation, Buy It Cheap.Com, Inc. ,Buyers United Inc,C T I Group
(Holdings) Inc, Cach Foods, Inc. ,Cactus New Media I Inc,Cadema
Corporation,CADENCE RESOURCES CORP,Cadus Pharmaceutical Corporation,
Cal-Bay International, Inc. ,Calais Resources Inc.,Calcasieu Real
Estate & Oil Co,Calcitech Ltd,Caledonia Mining Corporation, Calico
Commerce, Inc. , California Beach Restaurants, Inc. ,California
Center Bank (Los Angeles),California Exploration Ltd, California Oaks
State Bank (Thousand Oaks, CA) ,California Water Service Group
Holding,Call Now Inc, Call-Net Enterprises, Inc. ,Call-Solutions
Inc., Calnet Business Bank NA (Sacramento, CA) ,Calprop
Corporation,Calypte Biomedical Corporation,Cambex
Corporation,Cambridge Bancorp,Cambridge Energy Corporation, Cambridge
Holdings, Ltd. ,Camden Mines Ltd, Camera Platforms International,
Inc. ,Caminosoft Corp., Campbell Resources, Inc. ,Can-Cal Resources
Ltd,Canal Capital Corporation,Canalaska Ventures Ltd,Canarc Resource
Corporation,Canargo Energy Corporation,Cancer Treatment Holdings Inc,
Candlewood Hotel Company, Inc. , Canyon National Bank (Palm Springs,
CA) , Capco Energy, Inc. , Capital Bancorp, Inc. (Tennessee) ,Capital
Bank Trust Co. (NY),Capital Beverage Corporation,Capital Directions
Inc,Capitol Communities Corp, Caprius, Inc. , Caraco Pharmaceutical
Laboratories, Ltd. ,Carbite Golf Inc,Carcorp USA Corporation,Cardinal
Bankshares Corporation (Virginia),Cardiome Pharma Corporation,Care
Concepts Inc,Careadvantage Inc,Carecentric Inc.,Caredecision
Corporation,Career Worth Inc.,Caring Products International
Inc,Carlyle Industries Inc,Carmina Technologies Inc,Carolina Bank
Holdings Inc.,Carsunlimited.Com Inc, CAS Medical Systems, Inc. ,
Cascade Sled Dog Adventures, Inc. ,Cascadia Capital Corporation,Case
Financial Inc,Cash Systems Inc,Casino Journal Publ Group Inc, Castle
Dental Centers, Inc. ,Castle Holding Corp, Castleguard Energy, Inc.
,Category 5 Technologies Inc, Cavalcade Of Sports Media, Inc. ,Cbcom
Inc, CBQ, Inc. ,Cbr Brewing Company Inc, CCA Industries, Inc. ,CCC
Globalcom Corporation, CCFNB Bancorp, Inc. , CD Warehouse, Inc. ,CDG
Investments Inc, CDKNET.Com, Inc. ,CDMI Productions Inc, CDSI
Holdings, Inc. , CE Software, Inc. ,Ceatech USA Inc, Cecil Bancorp,
Inc. ,CECS Corporation,Celeris Corporation, Celerity Systems, Inc.
,Celexx Corporation,Cell Robotics International Inc, Cellpoint, Inc.
,Celtron International Inc,Centennial First Financial Services,
Central Bancshares, Inc. (Texas) ,Central European Media Enterprises
Ltd.,Central Hudson Gas & Electric,Central Illinois Light
Company,Central Illinois Public Service Company,Central Maine Power
Co,Central Sierra Bank Sn Andr,Central Valley Bancorp,Central Valley
Community Bancorp,Central Vermont Pub Svc,Central Wireless
Inc,Centrex Inc (Oklahoma),Centroid Consolidated Mines
Company,Century Financial Corporation,Century Pacific Financial
Corporation,Ceramics Process Systems Corporation, CERBCO, Inc.
,Cerritos Valley Bancorp (California),CERTIFIED SERVICES INC,Certron
Corporation,Cetalon Corporation,CGI Holding Corporation,Chadmore
Wireless W/ Due Bills,Chai-Na-Ta Corporation,Champion Communication
Service Inc, Champion Parts, Inc. ,Championlyte Products Inc,
Champions Sports, Inc. ,Change Technology Partners Inc., Chaparral
Resources, Inc. , Chapeau, Inc. , Chartwell International, Inc. ,
Chefs International, Inc. ,CHEMED CORP,Chemung Financial
Corp,Cherokee Banking Company,Chesapeake Financial Shares
Inc,Cheshire Distributors Inc.,Chevy Chase Savings Bank FSB,China
Broadband Corp.,China Continental Inc,China Food & Beverage Co, China
Global Development, Inc. , China Nettv Holdings, Inc. ,China Xin
Network Media Corporation,CHINAWE.COM INC, Chino Commercial Bank,
N.A. , Chiropractic 21 International, Inc. ,Christiana Bank & Trust
Co (DE), Chromatics Color Sciences International, Inc. ,Chyron
Corporation,Cimetrix Inc, Cimnet, Inc. , Cinema Ride, Inc. , Circle
Group Internet, Inc. , Circuit Research Labs, Inc. ,Cirond
Technologies Inc,Cirtran Corporation,Cita Biomedical Inc,Citadel
Security Software Inc.,Citizens & Northern Corp, Citizens Bancorp,
Inc. (Pennsylvania) ,Citizens Bancshares Corporation, Citizens
Community Bank (Pocatello, Idaho) ,Citizens Financial Corp., Citizens
Financial Services, Inc. , Citizens National Bancorp, Inc. ,Citizens
National Corporation (KY), Citizens Trust Co. (Coudersport, PA)
,Citiznes First Corp,City Savings Financial Corporation
(Indiana),Cityview Corporation Limited,Cityxpress
Corporation,Claimsnet.Com Inc.,Clancy Systems International Inc,
Clarion Technologies, Inc. , Clariti Telecommunications
International, Ltd. ,Clarkston Financial Corporation, Classic
Communications, Inc. , Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. ,Clean Energy
Combustion Systems Inc,Clean Systems Technology Group Ltd,Clean Water
Technologies Inc,Clearfield Bank & Trust Co. (PA),Clearly Canadian
Beverage Corp., Clements Golden Phoenix Enterprises, Inc. ,Clover
Leaf Financial Corporation,CLX ENERGY INC, CN Bancorp, Inc. (Glen
Burnie, MD) , CNB Bancorp, Inc. , CNB Holdings, Inc. (Georgia) ,CNH
Holding Co,Coast Bancorp (CA), Coastal Banking Co., Inc. , Coastal
Caribbean Oils & Minerals, Ltd. ,Coddle Creek Financial Corp,Coeur
d'Alenes Company (The),Cognigen Networks Inc., Coho Energy, Inc. ,
COI Solutions, Inc. , Coinless Systems, Inc. ,COLE COMPUTER
CORPORATION,Cole Inc,College Bound Student Alliance Inc,Colley
Corporation,Colmena Corporation,Color Imaging Inc.,Columbia Financial
Corp,Columbus Networks Corporation, Combanc, Inc. ,Combined Penny
Stock Fund Inc, Combined Professional Services, Inc. , COMC, Inc.
,Comcam Inc, Comdisco Holding Company, Inc. , Comet Technologies,
Inc. ,Command Security Corporation,Commerce Group
Corporation,COMMERCEFIRST BANCORP INC,Commercewest Bank NA
(California), Commercial Bancshares, Inc. (OH) , Commercial Concepts,
Inc. ,Commercial National Financial Corporation, Commodore
Environmental Services, Inc. , Commodore Separation Technologies,
Inc. , Commonwealth Bank (Richmond, VA) , Commonwealth National Bank
(Worcester, MA) ,Communicate.Com Inc.,Communitronics Of America
Inc,Community Bancorp. (VT), Community Bank (Carmichaels, PA) ,
Community Bank (Pilot Mountain, NC) , Community Bank Bergen County
(Rochelle Park, NJ) ,Community Bank Of Santa Maria
(California),Community First Bancorp.,Community National
Bancorporation,COMMUNITY NATIONAL CORP,Community Shores Bank
Corp.,Community Valley Bancorp (CA),Compass Knowledge Holdings Inc.,
Composite Solutions, Inc. ,Composite Technology
Corporation,Comprehensive Care Corporation, Compumed, Inc.
,Compusonics Video Corporation, Computer Automation Systems, Inc. ,
Comtec International, Inc. ,Comtex Scientific Corporation,Comtrex
Systems Corporation,Concentrax Inc,Concept Capital
Corporation,Concero Inc,Concierge Technologies Inc,Conectisys
Corporation, Connecticut Bank Of Commerce (Stamford, CT) ,Connecticut
Light & Power, Connecticut Water Service, Inc. ,Connectivcorp,
Conseco, Inc. , Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.
,Consolidated Medical Management Inc,Consolidated Resources Group
Inc,Consolidated Trillion Resources Ltd.,Consumer Direct Of
Corporation,Continental Energy Corporation,Continental Information
Systems Corporation,Continental Minerals Corporation,Continental
Southern Resources Inc,Contour Energy Company, Converge Global, Inc.
,Cooker Restaurant Corporation, Cool Can Technologies, Inc.
,Coolsavings Inc.,Coral Gold Corporation,CORAM HEALTHCARE
CORPORATION,CORDIA CORP,Core Solutions Inc,Corfacts Inc,Corgenix
Medical Corporation,CORMAX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC, Cornerstone
Propane Partners, L.P. ,Corniche Group Inc,Corning Natural Gas
Corp,Coronado Ind Inc,Corporate Vision Inc,Corspan Inc, Cortelco
Systems Puerto Rico, Inc. , Cortex Systems, Inc. ,Cortland
Bancorp,Corvu Corporation, Cotelligent, Inc. , Country Bank (Carmel,
NY) ,County Bank Corp.,County First Bk La Plata MD, Covad
Communications Group, Inc. ,Covenant Financial Corp,Cover-All
Technologies Inc., Cox Technologies, Inc. ,Coyote Ventures
Corporation,CPC Of America Inc, Cragar Industries, Inc. ,CRD Holdings
Inc, Cream Minerals, Ltd. , Creative Bakeries, Inc. ,Creative Beauty
Supply Inc,Creative Holdings & Marketing Corp,Creative Technologies
Crp,Creative Vistas Inc,Creator Capital Ltd., Creditriskmonitor.Com,
Inc. ,Crescent Communications Inc, Crescent Operating, Inc. ,Crested
Corporation, Croff Enterprises, Inc. , Croghan Bancshares, Inc. ,Crow
Technologies 1977 Ltd.,Crown Castle International Corporation, Crown
Crafts, Inc. ,Crown Energy Corporation,Crown Jewel Resources
Corp.,Crown Partners Inc,Crown Resources Corporation New,Cryocon Inc,
Cryogenic Solutions, Inc. , Cryomedical Sciences, Inc. ,CRYOPAK
INDUSTRIES INC, CSB Bancorp, Inc. ,CSB Financial Corporation NJ, CT
Holdings, Inc. ,CTC Communications Corp.,CTD Holdings Inc.,CTI
Diversified Holdings Inc,CTN Media Group Inc,Cubic Energy Inc,Cuisine
Solutions Inc,Cumberland Bancorp Inc,Cumberland Technologies
Inc.,Current Technology Corporation,Cusac Gold Mines Ltd,Custom
Branded Networks Inc, Cuyamaca Bank (Santee, CA) ,Cyber Digital
Inc,Cyber Group Network Corporation (The),Cyber Mark International
Corporation, Cyber Merchants Exchange, Inc. , Cyber Public Relations,
Inc. , Cyberads, Inc. ,Cyberia Holdings Inc, Cybernet Internet
Services International, Inc. ,Cybertel Communications Corp,Cycle
Country Accessories Corporation,Cyco.Net Inc,CYCOMM INTERNATIONAL
INC,Cygne Designs Inc, CYNET, Inc. ,Cyokaras Corporation, CYOP
Systems International, Inc. ,Cypost Corporation,CYTATION
CORP,D'Angelo Brands Inc, DAC Technologies Group International, Inc.
, Dacotah Banks, Inc. ,Daleco Resources Corporation,Danskin Inc, DAOU
Systems, Inc. , Data Fortress Systems Group, Ltd. ,Datalogic
International Inc.,Datameg Corp.,Datametrics Corporation, Datastand
Technologies, Inc. , Datawave Systems, Inc. ,Datigen.Com Inc.,Dauphin
Technology Inc, Davel Communications, Inc. ,Dayton Power & Light, DBS
Industries, Inc. ,DCAP Group Inc,DCB Financial Corp., DCH Technology,
Inc. ,Dealcheck.Com Inc.,Default Proof Credit Card System Inc,Defense
Industries International Inc,Delivery Now Corp.,Delmar
Bancorp,Delmarva Power & Light Company,Delsecur Corporation, Delta
Capital Technologies, Inc. ,Delta Financial Corporation,Deltona Corp,
Demand Financial, International, Ltd. ,Demarco Energy Systems Of
America, Demegen, Inc. ,Denny's Corporation,Dental Resources Inc
New,Derek Resources Corp., Derma Sciences, Inc. ,DESERT HEALTH
PRODUCTS INC,Desert Mining Inc, Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.
,Detour Media Group Inc, Developed Technology Resource, Inc. ,Dewey
Electronics Corp, Dexterity Surgical, Inc. ,Dial-Thru International
Corporation,Diamond Discoveries International Corporation,Diamond
Entertainment Corporation,DIAMOND HITTS PRODUCTION INC, Diamond
International Group, Inc. ,Diapulse Corporation Of America,Diatect
International Corp.,Dicut Inc,Digital Broadband Network Inc (DE),
Digital Data Networks, Inc. , Digital Descriptor Systems, Inc.
,Digital Rooster.Com Inc.,Digital Transmission Systems Inc,Digital
Village World Technologies Inc, Digital World Cup, Inc. , Digitec
2000, Inc. ,Digitran Systems Inc,Dimeco Inc,Dimensional Visions
Incorporated,Dinstiinctive Devices Inc, Direct Response Financial
Services, Inc. ,Direct Wireless Communications,Directplacement Inc,
Discovery Investments, Inc. ,Discovery Oil Ltd, Discovery Valley Bank
(San Marcos, CA) ,Dita Inc,Diversified Financial Resources
Corporation,Diversified Product Inspections Inc,Diversified Thermal
Solutions Inc,Dk Investors Inc, DML Services, Inc. ,Dnaprint Genomics
Inc,Dnb Financial Corp, Docucon, Incorporated , Dominion Resources,
Inc. , Donini, Inc. ,Donlar Biosyntrex Corporation, Donnkenny, Inc. ,
Dot Com Entertainment Group, Inc. , Dotronix, Inc. ,Dover Investments
Corporation,Dr. Owl Online Inc,Dragon Pharmaceutical Inc., Dreams,
Inc. ,Drgoodteeth.Com,Drucker Inc.,Drummond Financial Corp,Dstage.Com
Inc,Dtomi Inc, DTVN Holdings, Inc. ,Dualstar Technologies
Direct Financial Holdings, Inc. , Dura Products International, Inc.
,Duravest Inc,Duro Enzyme Products Inc,Dvl Inc,Dyna Group
International Inc,Dyna-Cam Engine Corporation,Dynacore Holdings
Corporation, Dynamic Health Products, Inc. , Dynamic I-T, Inc.
,Dynamic Imaging Group Inc.,Dynamic Ventures Inc
AMERICA,Dynatem Inc.0,E*Prime Aerospace Corporation,E-City Software
Inc,E-Com Technologies Corp.,E-Digital Corporation, E-Perception, Inc
, E-Rex, Inc. ,E-SIM Ltd.,E.T. Corporation, Eagle Bancorp, Inc.
,Eagle Exploration Company,Earth Products & Technologies Inc, Earth
Sciences, Inc. ,Earth Search Sciences Inc, Earthfirst Technologies,
Inc. , Earthnetmedia, Inc. ,East Texas Financial Services Inc, Easton
Bancorp, Inc. ,Eat At Joe's Ltd., Eautoclaims.Com, Inc. ,Eb2b
Commerce Inc., Ebank.Com, Inc. , EBIZ Enterprises, Inc. New ,Ebt
International Inc.,Echapman Inc.,Eclickmd Inc, Eclipse Entertainment
Group, Inc. ,Ecom Corp., Ecom Ecom.Com, Inc. , Econtent, Inc. ,Edac
Technologies Corporation,EDGAR Filing.Net Inc,Edge Technology Group
Inc,Ediets Com Inc,Edison Control Corporation,Education Lending Group
Inc, Edulink, Inc. ,EFJ Inc,Egames Inc,Egan Systems Inc,EGX Funds
Transfer Inc,Eiger Technologies Inc.,Eight Ball
Corporation,Eknowledge Group Inc., El Nino Ventures, Inc. , Eldorado
Artesian Springs, Inc. ,Elec Communications Corporation, Electric &
Gas Technology,Inc. ,Electronic Control Security Inc,Electronic Media
Central Corporation,Electronic Systems Technology,Electronic
Tele-Communications Inc.,Electronic Transmission Corp,Electropure
Inc, Elegant Illusions, Inc. , Elephant & Castle Group, Inc.
,Elephant Talk Communications Inc,Elevon Inc,ELGRANDE.COM INC,ELINEAR
INC, Elite Logistics, Inc. , Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , Elite
Technologies, Inc. ,ELMER BANCORP INC,Elsinore Corp,ELVA
INTERNATIONAL INC,EMB Corporation,Embryo Development
Corporation,Emclaire Financial Corp,EMERGENCY FILTRATION PRODUCTS,
Emerging Vision, Inc. ,Emergisoft Holding Inc,Emex
Corporation,Emobile Data Corporation,Empire Energy Corporation,Empire
Petroleum Corporation,Empiric Energy Inc,EMPS Corporation, Empyrean
Bioscience, Inc ,Empyrean Communications Inc,Emtec Inc,Encino State
Bank Ca,Encision Inc.,Encore Capital Group Inc,Encore Medical
Corporation,Endo Networks Inc, Endovasc Ltd., Inc. ,Energis
Plc,Energy & Engine Technology Corporation,Energy Exploration
Technologies,Energy River Corp,Energy Visions Inc.,Enetpc Inc.,Enexi
INSTRUCTION SYSTEM INC,Enherent Corp,Enova Systems Inc.,Enstar Group
Inc,Ensurge Inc.,Enter Tech Corporation, Entergy Arkansas, Inc. ,
Entergy Gulf States, Inc. , Entergy Louisiana, Inc. , Entergy
Mississippi, Inc. , Entergy New Orleans, Inc. , Enterprise Bank
(Allison Park, PA) ,Enterprise Financial Services
Corporation,Enterprise Technologies Inc, Entertainment Internet, Inc.
(The) , Entertainment Technologies & Programs, Inc. ,Entheos
Technologies Inc,ENTRADA SOFTWARE INC,Entreport Corporation, Entrust
Financial Services, Inc , Enucleus, Inc. , Enviro Voraxial
Technology, Inc. ,Enviro-Energy Corporation,Envirokare Tech
Inc,Environmental Energy Services Inc,Environmental Monitoring &
Testing Corporation,Environmental Oil Processing Technology
Corp.,Environmental Power Corporation,Environmental Remediation
Holding Corporation, Environmental Solutions Worldwide, Inc.
,Environmental Strategies & Technologies International
Inc,Environmental Technologies Corporation,ENXNET Inc,Eos
International Inc, Ephone Telecom, Inc. ,Ephrata National Bank
(PA),Epolin Inc, Equicap, Inc. , Equitel, Inc. ,Equity Finance
Holding Corporation, Equity Technologies & Resources, Inc. ,Ergo
Science Corporation,Erie Family Life Insurance Co.,Escagenetics
Corporation,Essential Reality Inc,Essex Corp,Esynch Corp,ETG
Corporation,ETI Experts Technology Innovation Corp,EUPA International
Corporation,Eureka Bank (Pennsylvania), Eurogas, Inc. ,Europa Cruises
Corporation, Evans Systems, Inc. ,Everclear International
Inc,Evergood Products Corp,Evergreenbancorp Inc,Everlert Inc,Evision
International Inc,Evolve One Inc.,Eworld Travel Corp., Excalibur
Industries, Inc. (Delaware) , Exchange Applications, Inc. , Exchange
Bancshares, Inc. ,Exchange Bank (Santa Rosa),Exhaust Technologies
Inc, Exide Technologies, Inc. ,Exmailit.Com,Exten Industries Inc,Exus
Networks Inc, Eye Care International, Inc. ,EYE DYNAMICS INC,F & M
Bank Corporation (Virginia),Fact Corporation,Factory Card & Party
Outlet Corporation, Factory Point Bancorp, Inc. ,Fairchild
International Corporation, Fairmount Chemical Company, Inc. ,Family
Room Entertainment Corporation,Famous Fixins Inc (NY), Fan Energy,
Inc. ,Far East Energy Corp,Far Group Inc,Farmers & Merchants Bancorp,
Farmers & Merchants Bank (Long Beach, CA) ,Farmers National Banc
Corp., Farnsworth Bancorp, Inc. ,Farrel Corporation,Fashion Tech
International Inc,Fastcomm Communications Corporation,FC Banc
Corp.,Federal Security Protection Services Inc,Federal-Mogul
Corporation,Female Health Company (The),Fentura Financial Inc, Fenway
International, Inc. , FI-Tek VII, Inc. ,Fidelity D&D Bancorp
Inc.,Fieldpoint Petroleum Corporation, Film Roman, Inc.
,Financialcontent Inc, FIND/SVP, Inc. , Findex.Com, Inc. ,Finity
Holdings Inc.,Finova Group Inc. (The), Finx Group, Inc. (The) ,
Firearms Training Systems, Inc. , Firebrand Financial Group, Inc.
,First & Ocean Bancorp,FIRST AID DIRECT INC,First American Bank,First
American Scientific Corp, First Avenue Networks, Inc. , First
Bancorporation, Inc. , First Bancshares, Inc. (California) ,First
Bank Of Central Jersey North Brunswick,First Bankers Trustshares
Inc,First California Bank Camarillo CA,First Capital Bancshares Inc.,
First Capital Bank (Richmond, VA) , First Capital International, Inc.
, First Capital Resources.Com, Inc. ,First Carolina Investors
Inc,First Century Bankshares Inc, First Cherokee Bancshares, Inc.
,First Chesapeake Financial Corporation,First Chester County
Corporation, First Citizens Bancorporation Of South Carolina, Inc. ,
First Citizens Bancshares, Inc. , First Coastal Bancshares, Inc.
,First Commerce Bank (California),FIRST COMMERCE CORP (NC), First
Community Bancshares, Inc. ,First Community Corporation,First
Connecticut Capital Corp, First Cypress Technologies, Inc. , First
Federal Financial Bancorp, Inc. ,First Federal Of Olathe Bancorp
Inc.,First Financial Bancorp,First Growth Investors Inc,First
Keystone Corp,First Litchfield Financial Corp., First Look Media,
Inc. , First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc. ,First Montauk Financial
Corp.,First Morris Bank (NJ),First Mortgage Corporation,First
Mountain Bank (Big Bear Lake),First National Bancshares Inc (SC),
First National Bancshares, Inc. (FL) , First National Bank (Bar
Harbor, ME) , First National Bank (Canton, PA) ,First National Bank
Alaska,First National Bankshares Corporation (West Virginia), First
National Community Bancorp, Inc. ,First National Corporation,First
Northern Community Bancorp,First Real Estate Investment Trust Of New
Jersey,First Republic Corporation Of America (The),First Robinson
Financial Corporation,First Security Bancorp Inc, First Shares
Bancorp, Inc. , First South Bancorp, Inc. ,First State Bank Of
California,First Trust Bank (NC), First Virginia Banks, Inc. ,First
Washington State Bank, First Western Bank (Simi Valley, CA)
,Firstbingo.Com,Firstcity Financial Corporation,Firstmark
Corp.,Firstmerit Corporation, Fischer-Watt Gold Company, Inc. , Five
Star Products, Inc. ,FLAG Telecom Holdings Limited, Fleetclean
Systems, Inc. ,Flemington Pharmaceutical Corp,Flexible Solutions
International Inc., Flexiinternational Software, Inc. ,Flexxtech
Corporation,Flight Safety Technologies Inc,Florida Gaming
Corporation,Florida Power & Light Company,Florida Power
Corporation,Florida Public Utilities Company, Flotek Industries, Inc.
,FNB Bancorp, FNB Bancshares, Inc. (SC) ,FNB Bankshares (Maine),FNB
Financial Corporation (PA), FNB, Inc. (Dennison, Ohio) , FNBH
Bancorp, Inc. (Howell, Michigan) ,FONECASH INC,Fonix Corporation,
Force 10 Trading, Inc. ,Forecross Corporation,Foresight Financial
Group Inc,Forest Oil Corporation,Forestindustry.Com Inc.,Forever
Enterprises Inc.,Forge Inc, Forlink Software Corp., Inc. , Forme
Capital, Inc. ,Formula Footwear Inc,Fortel Inc, Fortress Bancshares,
Inc. (Wisconsin) ,Fortune Diversified Industries Inc,Fortune
Entertainment Corporation,Fortune Natural Resources Corp.,Forum
National Investments Ltd, Fountain Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , Four Oaks
Fincorp, Inc. ,Foxy Jewelry Inc,FPB Financial Corp.,
Fragrancenet.Com, Inc. , Framewaves, Inc. , Franklin Bank, National
Association ,Franklin Credit Management Corp,Franklin Financial
Services Corporation,Franklin Lake Resources Inc (NV),Franklin
Telecommunications Corporation, Franks Nursery & Crafts, Inc. New
,Frederick Brewing Company,Frederick County Bank (MD),Freedom Golf
Corporation, Freegold Ventures, Ltd. ,Freestar Technologies Inc,
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. ,Fresh America Corporation,
Friede Goldman Halter, Inc. ,FRMO CORP,Front Porch Digital
Inc.,Frontier National Corporation, Frontier State Bank (Show Low,
AZ) ,Frontline Capital Group, FTS Apparel, Inc. , Fuel Centers, Inc.
, Fuelnation, Inc. , Full House Resorts, Inc. ,Fullcircle Registry
Inc,Fullcomm Technologies,FULLNET COMMUNICATIONS INC, Fullplay Media
Systems, Inc. ,Fulton Bancshares Corporation, Fun City Popcorn, Inc.
,Furnishing Club (The),Futura Banc Corporation,Future Carz Inc,
Futureone, Inc. ,Fuzzy Logic Software Corporation, G/O International,
Inc. ,GA Express Inc, Gadzoox Networks, Inc. , GAINSCO, Inc. ,Gala
Holding Corporation, Galaxy Investments, Inc. (Colorado)
,Galey,Galtech Semiconductor Materials Corporation, Gameplan, Inc.
,Garb Oil & Power Corporation, Gardenburger, Inc. ,Garuda Capital
American Bancshares, Inc. ,Gateway Distributors Ltd,Gateway Energy
Corporation, Gateway Industries, Inc. , Gateway International
Holdings, Inc ,Gavella Corporation,GEE-TEN VENTURES INC (F),Gender
Sciences Inc., Gene-Cell, Inc. , Genelink, Inc. ,Genemax Corporation,
General Communication, Inc. , General Devices, Inc. ,General Kinetics
Incorporated,General Telephony.Com Inc,Genesee Corporation,Genesis
Technology Group Inc,Genethera Inc,Genius Products Inc,Gensym
Corporation, Gentek, Inc. ,Gentia Software Plc, Geo Petroleum, Inc. ,
Geocom Resources, Inc. , Geokinetics, Inc. , Georgia Bancshares, Inc.
,Georgia Bank Financial Corporation, Georgia Carolina Bancshares,
Inc. (Georgia) ,Georgia Power Company, Geotec Thermal Generators,
Inc. ,Gexa Corporation, Giant Group, Ltd. , Gibraltar Packaging
Group, Inc. , GIGA Information Group, Inc. , Ginseng Forest, Inc.
,Givemepower Corporation,GL Energy And Exploration Inc, Glas-Aire
Industries Group, Ltd. ,Glassmaster Company,Glengarry Holdings
Limited, Global Assets & Services, Inc. ,Global Assets Holding,GLOBAL
AXCESS CORP,Global Boulevard International Inc,Global Business
Services Inc,Global Casinos Inc.,Global Diversified Industries
Inc,Global Energy Group Inc,Global Ent Hldgs/Equities, Global Gaming
And Technology, Inc. ,Global Industrial Services Inc,Global
Innovative Systems Inc,Global MAINTECH Corporation, Global Med
Technologies, Inc. , Global Network, Inc. ,Global Outdoors Inc,Global
Path Inc,Global Seafood Technologies Inc.,Global Sports &
Entertainment Inc,GLOBAL TELEPHONE COMMUNCTN INC,Global Vision
Holdings Inc, Global Web, Inc. ,Global-Tech Capital Corporation,
Globalscape, Inc. , Globalstar Telecommunications, Limited ,Globaltex
Industries Inc., Globalwise Investements, Inc. , Globe Bancorp, Inc.
,Globetech Ventures Corporation,Globetel Communications
Corp,Globetrac Inc,Globix Corporation New,GLOBUS INTERNATIONAL
RESOURCES CORP-NEW, Globus Wireless, Ltd. , GNB Financial Services,
Inc. ,Go Online Networks Corporation, Goaltimer International, Inc. ,
Goddard Industries, Inc. , Gohealth.MD, Inc. ,Gold Bond Resources
Inc, Gold Product Technologies, Inc. ,Gold Reserve Corporation, Gold
Standard, Inc. , Golden Chief Resources, Inc. , Golden Eagle
International, Inc. , Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. ,Goldstate
Corporation, Golf Entertainment, Inc. , Golfgear International, Inc.
, Golfrounds.Com, Inc. , Goran Capital, Inc. , Gosun Communications
Ltd, Inc. ,Gourmet Group Inc., Gourmet Herb Growers, Inc. ,GPN
Network Inc., Gradco Systems, Inc. ,GRAND PRIX SPORTS INC,Grandetel
Technologies Inc,Grange National Banc Corp.,Granite State Bank
(CA),Gravitas International Inc,Great Basin Financial Corp., Great
Basin Gold, Ltd. , Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd. ,Great Plains Energy
Inc,Greater Atlantic Financial Corporation,Green Fusion
Corporation,Green Machine Development Corp.,Greenhold Group
Inc,Greenland Corporation, Greenman Technologies, Inc. ,Greens
Worldwide Inc,Greenville First Bancshares Inc.,Grey Global Group Inc,
Greystone Digital Technology, Inc. , Griffin Industries, Inc.
(Maryland) , Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. ,Group Management
Corporation, Growth Mergers, Inc. ,Gsociety Inc, GSV, Inc. ,GTC
Telecom Corp.,GTDATA Corporation, GTM Holdings, Inc. ,Guaranty
Financial Corporation, Guardian International, Inc. , Guardian
Technologies International, Inc. , Guilford Mills, Inc. ,Gulf Power
Company,Gulfport Energy Corporation,GULFWEST ENERGY INC,Gunther
International Ltd,H-Net.Net Inc., H-Quotient, Inc. ,H.C.B. Financial
Corporation,H.E.R.C. Products Incorporated,Hacienda Bank Santa Maria
CA,HADRO RESOURCES INC,Hallador Petroleum Company, Halsey Drug Co.,
Inc. , Hamlin Bank & Trust Co. (Smethport, PA) ,Hampton Roads
Bankshares Inc,Hanover Foods Corporation, Hanover Gold Company, Inc.
,Harbor Bank (Virginia),HARBOR GLOBAL COMPANY LTD, Harbor National
Bank (Dana Point, CA) ,HARBOURTON FINANCIAL CORP,Harford Bank
Alberdeen MD,HARRELL HOSPITALITY GROUP INC CL A, Hartcourt Companies,
Inc. (The) , Hartville Group, Inc. ,Harvest Capital Corporation,
Hauser, Inc. , Havana Group, Inc. (The) , Havana Republic, Inc. (The)
SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC,Health Anti-Aging Lifestyle Options
Inc,Health Express Usa Inc,Health Fitness Corporation, Health Grades,
Inc. ,Health Outcomes Management Inc,Health Sciences Group Inc,
Healthbridge, Inc. , Healthcare Network Solutions, Inc. ,Healthgate
Data Corporation,Healthtrac Inc, Healthwatch, Inc. ,Hearme,Heartland
Banccorp, Heartland Bancshares, Inc. , Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
, Helix Biomedix, Inc. ,Helpmate Robotics Inc.,Helvetia
Pharmaceuticals Inc,Hemacare Corporation,Hemoxymed Inc,Hennessy
Advisors Inc, Heritage Bancshares, Inc. (Delaware) , Heritage
Bankshares, Inc. (Virginia) ,Heritage Companies Inc,Heritage Oaks
Bancorp,Heritage Organization Inc. (The),Heritage Worldwide
Inc,Heroes Inc., Herrimen Oil & Gas, Inc. , HIA, Inc. ,Hienergy
Technologies Inc,High Country Financial Corporation,High Speed Access
Corporation,High Street Corp,Highlands Capital Trust Pfd, Highlands
Insurance Group, Inc. , Highway One-Oweb, Inc. ,Highwood Resources
Ltd,Hilltop Community Bank,Hilton Petroleum Ltd,Hiv-Vac Inc, HMI
Industries, Inc. ,Hojo Holdings Inc,Hollywood Partners.Com Inc,
Holobeam, Inc. ,HOM Corporation,Homasote Company, Home Building
Bancorp, Inc. ,Home Town Bank Of Villa Rica (Georgia), Home Valley
Bancorp, Inc. (Grants Pass, Oregon) , Homecom Communications, Inc.
,HOMEFED CORP NEW, Homegold Financial, Inc. ,Homeland Holding
Corporation, Homelife, Inc. , Homeseekers.Com, Inc. , Hometown Auto
Retailers, Inc. , Honat Bancorp, Inc. ,Horizon Bank And Trust
Co.,Horizon Financial Services Corporation,Host Marriott Financial
Trust, Hosting Site Network, Inc. , Household Direct, Inc. ,Houston
American Energy Corporation, Houston Interweb Design, Inc. , Houston
Light & Power/Reliant Energy, Incorporated ,Houston Operating Co,HTTP
Technology Inc., Huayang International Holdings, Inc. ,Hudson Grill
International Inc,Hudson Valley Holding Corp.,Hugo International
Telecom Inc,Huile' Oil & Gas Inc,Human Pheromone Sciences
Inc.,HUMATECH INC,Hunno Technologies Inc, Hybridon, Inc. ,Hydro
Environmental Resources Inc (NV), Hydromaid International, Inc. ,
Hydromer, Inc. , Hydron Technologies, Inc. , HYMEDIX, Inc.
,HYPERBARIC SYSTEMS,Hyperdynamics Corporation,I B L Bancorp Inc, I
Crystal, Inc. , I Net, Inc. ,I-Link Incorporated, I-Teleco.Com, Inc.
,I-Track Inc,I-TRAX INC, I.C. Isaacs & Company, Inc. ,I.Incubator.Com
Inc., I.T. Technology, Inc. ,I/O Magic Corporation,i2Corp.Com, IAS
Communications, Inc. ,Ibt Bancorp Inc Pa, Ibx Group, Inc. , Iceweb,
Inc. , ICG Communications, Inc. New , Ichance International, Inc.
,ICNB Financial Corp.,Icoa Inc,ICONET INC,ICT Technologies Inc,Icy
Splash Food & Beverage Inc,Id Technologies Corp,Idaho Banking
Corporation,Idaho Independant Bank Coeur Dalene,Idaho Power Company,
IDI Global, Inc. ,Idial Networks Inc., Idine Rewards Network, Inc.
,Idmedical.Com Inc,IEH Corporation,IEMI, Ientertainment Network, Inc.
, Iexalt, Inc. ,IFS International Holdings Inc., IGENE Biotechnology,
Inc. , IGN Internet Global Network, Inc. , Ilive, Inc. ,Illini Corp,
IMA Exploration, Inc. ,Image Software Inc.,Image Systems Corporation,
Image Technology Laboratories, Inc. , Imagemax, Inc. , Imagenetix,
Inc. , Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc ,Imaging Technologies
Corporation,IMAGIS TECH INC,Imergent Inc,Immulabs Corporation,Immune
Network Ltd.,Immunotechnology Corporation, Imperial Credit
Industries, Inc. , Imperial Ginseng Products, Ltd. ,Imperial
Industries Inc,Imperial Petroleum Inc,Imperial Petroleum Recovery
Corporation,Imperial Sugar Company, Improvenet, Inc. , IMPSAT Fiber
Networks, Inc. , Impulse Media Technologies, Inc. , IMX
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , In Store Media Systems, Inc. , Incall
Systems, Inc. , Incitations, Inc. , Independence Bank (Kernersville,
NC) ,Index Development Partners Inc,Indian Village Bancorp,Indiana
Michigan Power Co., Indiginet, Inc. , Indigo Energy , Inc.
,Indo-Pacific Energy Ltd, Indonesia Fund, Inc. (The) ,Industrial
Minerals Inc, Industrial Rubber Products, Inc. ,Industries
International Inc (Nevada),Inetevents Inc,Infe Inc,Infinex Ventures
Inc,Infinite Graphics Incorporated,Infodata Systems Inc.,Inforetech
Wireless Technology Inc.,Inform Worldwide Holdings Inc.,Information
Analysis Incorporated,Information Architects Corporation,Infracor
Inc.,Ingenuus Corporation,Inland Community Bank (CA),Inland Real
Estate Corporation,Inland Resources Inc.,Inmedica Development
Corp,Innerspace Corporation, Innofone.Com, Inc. ,Innova Pure Water
Inc,Innovative Coatings Corporation, Innovative Holdings &
Technologies, Inc. ,Innovative Software Technologies Inc.,Innovative
Technology Acquisition Corporation,Inprimis Inc, INRAD, Inc. ,INSCI
Corp,Inside Holdings Inc,Insiderstreet.Com Inc.,Insilco Holding Co,
Instanet, Inc. , Insteel Industries, Inc. ,Instructivision Inc,
Insurance Management Solutions Group, Inc. ,Insurance Replacement
Center Inc,Insynq Inc.,INTAC International, Intacta Technologies,
Inc. ,INTEGRAL TECHNLGS INC, Integral Vision, Inc. , Integramed
America, Inc. , Integrated Business Systems And Services, Inc.
,INTEGRATED ENTERPRISES INC, Integrated Health Technologies, Inc.
,Integrated Packaging Assembly Corporation,Integrated Performance
Systems Inc, Integrated Security Systems, Inc. , Integrated Surgical
Systems, Inc. ,Integrated Technology Group Inc.,Integrity Mutual
Funds Inc,Intelefilm Corporation, Intellectual Technology, Inc.
,Intellicorp Inc., Intelliready, Inc ,Interactive Gaming &
Communications Corp,INTERACTIVE GROUP INC,Interactive Motorsports And
Entertainment Corp, Interactive Multmedia Network, Inc. ,Intercallnet
Interchange Medical, Inc. , Interdent, Inc. ,Interdyne Company,
Interferon Sciences, Inc. ,Intergold Corporation, Interiors, Inc. ,
Interliant, Inc. ,Interline Resources Corporation,INTERMEDIA
MARKETING SOLUTIONS INC,Intermost Corporation,Intermountain Community
Bancorp,International Absorbents Inc., International Automated
Systems, Inc. , International Barrier Technology, Inc. ,International
Broadcasting Corporation (Nevada),International Commercial Television
Inc.,International Cosmetics Marketing Company,International
Dispensing Corporation,International Displayworks Inc,International
Food Products Group Inc,International Fuel Technology Inc,
International Hi-Tech Industries, Inc. ,International Leisure Hosts
Ltd,International Lottery & Totalizer Systems Inc, International
Microcomputer Software, Inc. , International Monetary Systems, Ltd.
,International Paper Company,International Smart Sourcing
Inc,International Speedway Corporation, International Star, Inc. ,
International Synergy Holding Company, Ltd. ,International Tower Hill
Mines Ltd,International Travel CD's Inc,International Wireless Inc
(MD), Internet America, Inc. , Internet Business's International,
Inc. ,Internet Cable Corporation, Internet Infinity, Inc. , Internet
Recreation, Inc. ,Internetstudios.Com Inc, Interspace Enterprises,
Inc. ,Interstate Power & Light Company,INTERUNION FINANCIAL
CORP-NEW,Intervest Bancshares Corp., Intervisual Books, Inc.
,Interwest Medical Corporation,Intrac Inc,Intrepid Capital
Corporation,Intrepid Technology & Resources Inc,INTRUST Capital
Trust, Investment Agents, Inc. ,Investnet Inc,Investools
Inc,Investorsbancorp Inc,Invicta Corporation,Invu Inc, Invvision
Capital, Inc. , Ionic Fuel Technology, Inc. ,Iowa First Bancshares
Corp,IPEC Holdings Inc, Ipvoice.Com, Inc. , Iq Power Technology, Inc.
,IQUNIVERSE INC,Iron & Glass Bancorp Inc,Ironstone Group Inc, Irv,
Inc. ,ISA Internationale Inc,ISECURETRAC CORP, Isemployment.Com, Inc.
,Isolagen Inc, IT Group, Inc. (The) , ITEC Attractions, Inc. ,ITEX
Corporation,ITIS Holdings Inc,Itronics Inc,ITS Networks Inc,Ivideonow
Inc,Ivoice Inc,IVP Technology Corporation,IWI Holding Limited, J Net
Enterprises, Inc. ,J-Bird Music Group Ltd,J.L. Halsey Corporation,J2
Communications,Jackson Rivers Company (The),JACKSONVILLE BANCORP INC
(FL),Jacobson Resonance Entprises Ltd,Jacobson Stores Inc., Jag Media
Holdings, Inc. , Jagged Edge Mountain Gear, Inc. , Jaguar
Investments, Inc. ,Janel World Trade Ltd,JARRETT/FAVRE DRIVING
ADVENTURE INC,Javo Beverage Company Inc,Jayark Corp,JCC Holding
Company New, Jdlphotos.Com, Inc. , Jennifer Convertibles, Inc. ,Jones
Soda Co.,Jordan American Holdings Inc,Joshua Tree Construction Inc,
JPE, Inc. ,Juniata Valley Financial Corp Pa, Juniper Group, Inc.
,JUNUM INCORPORATED, Jupiter Enterprises, Inc. ,Jupiter Media Metrix
Inc., Jurak Corporation World Wide, Inc. , Justwebit.Com, Inc. ,Jvweb
Inc, K-Tel International, Inc. , K2 Digital, Inc ,Kahala Corporation
(Florida),Kaire Holdings Incorporated,Kaiser Alum & Chem,Kaiser
Aluminum Corporation, Kaiser Group Holdings, Inc ,Kanakaris Wireless,
Kasper A.S.L., Ltd. ,Kayenta Kreations Inc,Kbf Pollution Management
Inc, Keller Manufacturing Company, Inc. (The) , Kentucky Investors,
Inc. , Key3Media Group, Inc. , Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc.
,Keystone Mines Ltd,Kid Castle Educational Corporation,
Kidstoysplus.Com, Inc. ,Kiewit Royalty Trust,KIK Technology
International Inc, Killbuck Bancshares, Inc. (Ohio) ,Kimmins
Corp.,Kindercare Learning Center Inc, Kingsley Coach, Inc. (The) ,
Kingthomason Group, Inc. (The) ,Kinship Systems Inc,Kirshner
International Inc, Kish Bancorp, Inc. (PA) ,Kleenair Systems
Inc,Klever Marketing Inc,Knickerbocker Capital Corporation, Knot,
Inc. (The) ,Knowledge Foundations Inc., Knowledge Networks, Inc.
,Knowledge Transfer Systems Inc,Knowledgemax Inc, Knox Nursery, Inc.
,Koala International Wireless Inc, Kolorfusion International, Inc. ,
Komag, Inc. New ,Komodo Inc,KONTRON MOBILE COMPUTING INC,Kronos
Advanced Technologies Inc,Ks Bancorp Inc,KSW Inc, Kubla Khan, Inc.
,Kupper Parke Communications Inc,Kyomedix Inc,Kyzen Corporation,L A M
Pharmaceutical Corp.,L.L. Brown International Inc,Lafayette Community
Bancorp, Lance Systems, Inc. , Lancer Orthodontics, Inc. ,Landstar
Technologies Inc, Las Vegas From Home.Com Entertainment, Inc. ,Laser
Corp,Laser Master International Inc, Laser Mortgage Management, Inc.
, Laser Recording Systems, Inc. ,Laserlock Technologies
Inc,Latinocare Management Corporation,Lawrence Financial Holdings
Inc.,Lazarus Industries Inc,LCNB Corporation,LCS Golf Inc,Le@P
Technology Inc.,Leadville Mining & Milling Corporation,Lecstar
Corporation,Lee Pharmaceuticals,Legacy Bank Of Harrisburg (The)
(Pennsylvania),Legal Access Technologies Inc,Legal Club Of America
Corp.,Legal Research Center Inc,Legend Mobile Inc, Lennoc Ventures,
Inc. ,Lenox Bancorp Ohio, Leopard Capital, Inc. ,Lescarden Inc,
Levcor International, Inc. ,Lexington Precision Corp, Lexon
Technologies, Inc. , Lexon, Inc. ,Liberty Bancorp (CA),Liberty Mint
Ltd.,Liberty Satellite & Technology Inc.,Liberty Savings Bank Mo,
Liberty Self-Stor, Inc. ,Life Energy & Technology Holdings Inc,Life
Insurance Co Alabama, Life Medical Sciences, Inc. ,Life Partners
Holdings Inc, Life Sciences Research, Inc. , Lifesmart Nutrition
Technologies, Inc ,Lifestyle Innovations Inc, Light Management Group,
Inc. ,Lighthouse Fast Ferry Inc,Lil Marc Inc,Lincoln International
Corp,Lincoln Logs Ltd., Link Group, Inc. (The) , Link Media
Publishing, Ltd. ,Linuxwizardry Systems Inc.,Lion Inc.,Liquidix
Inc,Liquitek Enterprises Inc,Lite King Corporation,LITEGLOW IND
INC,Litewave Corporation,Lithium Technology Corporation,Little Bank
(The),Little Creek Inc,Little Squaw Gold Mining Co, Little
Corporation,Longport Inc,Loral Space & Communications Ltd, Lorus
Therapeutics, Inc. ,Lottery & Wagering Solutions Inc,Lotus Pacific
Inc,Louisville Gas And Electric Company,Lsb Industries Inc., Lucas
Educational Systems, Inc. ,Lucky 1 Enterprises Inc,Lumalite Holdings
Inc,Lummi Development Inc,Luna Technologies International Inc,Lyons
Bancorp Inc,M B T Financial Corp, M&F Bancorp, Inc. , M.B.A Holdings,
Inc. , Macreport.Net, Inc. (The) ,Madison Enterprises Corporation,
Magic Media Networks, Inc. ,Magna-Lab Inc.,Magnitude Information
Systems Inc,Magnum Sports & Entertainment Inc., MAII Holdings, Inc. ,
Main Street Trust, Inc. ,Majestic Companies Ltd (The),Malaga Bank
SSB,Malahat Energy Corporation, Malex, Inc. ,Mammatech Corp,Mammoth
Entertainment Inc,Man Sang Holdings Inc, Mangosoft, Inc. , Manhattan
Scientifics, Inc. ,Marconi Plc, Marex, Inc. ,Mariculture Systems
Inc., Marina Capital, Inc. , Mariner Health Care, Inc. (Delaware)
,Mark Holdings Inc,MARKLAND TECHNOLOGIES INC,Marquette National
Corporation,Mars National Bank Pa, Martin Industries, Inc. ,Marvel
Enterprises Inc, Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. ,Material
Technologies Inc,Matrix Energy Services Corporation,Maverick Minerals
Corp, Maxicare Health Plans, Inc. ,Maxim Mortgage Corporation,
Maxxzone.Com, Inc. , Mayne Group, Ltd. ,MB Software Corp,Mckesson
Financing Tr,Mcleodusa Incorporated,Mcmoran Exploration Company, MDI
Entertainment, Inc. ,MDU Communications International,Mdu Res Group
Inc, Med Gen, Inc. (NV) , Med-Emerg International, Inc. ,Medex
Corporation,Media & Entertainment.Com Inc,Media Source Inc,Mediabus
Networks Inc, Medical Discoveries, Inc. ,Medical International
Technology Inc, Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc. ,Medical
Technologies & Innovations Inc, Medical Technology Systems, Inc. ,
Medicalogic/Medscape, Inc. ,MEDIFAST INC, Medina Coffee, Inc. ,
Medinex Systems, Inc. ,Mediscience Technology Corporation, Meditech
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ,Medizone International Inc,Medjet
Inc,Medstrong International Corporation,Medxlink Corp,Megadata
Corporation,Megapro Tools Inc,Megatech Corporation, Meltronix, Inc. ,
Mendocino Brewing Company, Inc. , Mera Pharaceuticals, Inc. ,
Mercantile Bancorp, Inc. (Quincey, IL) , Merchantpack Communications,
Inc. ,Merchants & Mfr Bancorporation,Merchants Bank Gresham Ore,
Mercury Partners & Company, Inc. , Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. ,
Meridian Company, Ltd. , Meridian Holdings, Inc. , Merlin Software
Technologies International, Inc. ,Mesa Offshore Trust,Metairie Bank &
Trust Co, Metal Management , Inc. ,Metaline Contact Mines,Metaline
Mining And Leasing Company,Metallica Resources Inc.,Metalline Mining
Company, Metallurg, Inc. , Metals USA, Inc. ,Metasource Group Inc,
Metatec International, Inc. ,Metrisa Inc, Metrocall, Inc.
,Metropolitan Edison, Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. ,Metwood
Inc,Mexco Energy Corporation,Mfc Development Corp,MFIC
Corporation,MIAD Systems Ltd,Michigan Community Bancorp
Limited,Michigan Heritage Bancorp Inc, Micro Economics, Inc. ,MICRO
INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY INC, Micro Laboratories, Inc. ,Microcell
Telecommunications Inc., Microfield Graphics, Inc. ,Microislet
Inc,Microlog Corporation, Micromem Technologies, Inc. ,MICRON ENVIRO
SYSTEMS INC, Micropac Industries, Inc. , Microtel International, Inc.
, Microwave Transmission Systems, Inc. ,Mid Valley Bank Red Bluff
California,Mid-Atlantic Home Healthcare Network,MID-POWER SERVICE
CORP,Mid-Southern Savings Bank, Mid-Valley Bank (Woodburn, Oregon)
,Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services Inc,Midamerican Energy
Co,Midcarolina Financial Corp,Midland Capital Holdings
Corporation,Midwest Venture Holdings Inc, Migratec, Inc. ,Mikros
Systems Corporation,Milastar Corporation, Milemarker International,
Inc. ,MILESTONE CAPITAL INC,Milinx Business Group Inc.,Military
Resale Group Inc,Millenia Hope Inc, Millenium Holding Group, Inc.
,Millennium Bank,Millennium Biotechnologies Group Inc,Miller
Diversified Corporation, Miller Petroleum, Inc. , Million Dollar
Saloon, Inc. ,Mills Music Trust, Minden Bancorp, Inc. (Minden,
Louisiana) ,MINDSET INTERACTIVE CORP,Mine Safety Appliances
Company,Minefinders Corp. Ltd.,Minera Andes Inc., Mines Management,
Inc. ,Minghua Group International Holdings Ltd, Miracor Diagnostics,
Inc. ,Miravant Medical Technologies,MIRENCO Inc, Mission Bancorp
(Bakersfield, CA) ,Mission Community Bancorp,Mission Oaks National
Bank Na,Mississippi Power Company,Missouri River & Gold Gem
Corporation,MIV Therapeutics Inc,MK Gold Company,MM Companies Inc,MNB
Corporation, Mobile Area Networks, Inc. ,Mobile Design Concepts Inc,
Mobile Mini, Inc. ,MOBILE PET SYSTEMS INC,Mobilepro
Corporation,Modern Groove Entertainment Inc.,Modern Medical
Modalities Corporation,Modern MFG Services Inc,Mojave Desert Bank
Na,Molecular Diagnostics Inc, Molichem Medicines, Inc. ,Momentum
Holdings Corp,Monarch Cement Co, Monet Entertainment Group, Ltd.
,Moneyzone.Com Inc (DE),Monmouth Community Bank NJ,Monongahela Power
Company,Monroe Title Insurance Corp, Montgomery Realty Group, Inc. ,
Monument Resources, Inc. ,Mooney Aerospace Group Ltd,Morgan Group
Holding Company,MORO CORPORATION, Mortgage Professionals Lead Source,
Inc. , Morton Industrial Group, Inc. ,Most Home Corp,Motient
Corporation New, Moto Photo, Inc. ,Mountain Oil Inc,Mountain Province
Diamonds Inc.,Mountain States Holdings Inc,Moutainbank Financial
Corporation, Moving Bytes, Inc. , Mphase Technologies, Inc. ,Mpower
Holding Corporation New, MPTV, Inc. ,MSM Jewelry Corporation,MSU
DEVICES INC,MTN Holdings Inc.,Muller Media Inc,Multi Soft Inc,Multi
Solutions Inc, Multi-Link Telecommunications, Inc. , Multi-Media
Tutorial Services, Inc. , Multimedia Concepts International, Inc.
,Multinet International Corporation, Muncy Bank Financial, Inc. (PA)
,Murdock Communications Corporation,Murray United Development Corp.,
Mutual Community Savings Bank, Inc., SSB , MW Medical, Inc. ,MYCOM
Group Inc.,Mymetics Corporation,MYRIENT INC, Mytravelguide.Com, Inc.
,N-Viro International Corporation, N2H2, Inc. ,NACO Industries
Inc,Namibian Minerals Corporation, Nannaco, Inc. , Nanopierce
Technologies, Inc. ,Nanoscience Technologies Inc, Nantucket
Industries, Inc. ,Naptau Gold Corporation, Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
(The) , Natalma Industries, Inc. ,Nation Energy Inc.,National Auto
Credit Inc,National Bancshares Corp Ohio,National Beauty
Corporation,National Capital Bank Of Washington, National
Construction, Inc. , National Datacomputer, Inc. ,National Energy
Group Inc,National Health & Safety Corporation,National Healthcare
Technology,National Properties Corporation, National Quality Care,
Inc. ,National Residential Properties Inc.,National Scientific
Corp,National Steel Corporation,Nationwide Capital
Corporation,Naturade Inc,Natural Health Trends Corp., Naturewell,
Inc. ,Naturol Holdings Ltd, Navigator Ventures, Inc. ,Navtech
Inc.,NB&T FINANCIAL GROUP INC, NBG Radio Network, Inc. , NBI, Inc.
,NCAL Bancorp, NCS Healthcare, Inc. , NCT Group, Inc. ,NDT Ventures
Ltd.,NEBO Products Inc,Neff Corporation, NELX, Inc. ,Neogenomics Inc,
Neomedia Technologies, Inc. ,NEON Communications Inc,Neoprobe
Corporation,Neorx Corporation,Neptune Society Inc (The) New, NESCO
Industries, Inc. , Ness Energy International, Inc. , Nestor, Inc. ,
Net 1 UEPS Techcologies, Inc. , Net Master Consultants, Inc. , Net
Nanny Software International, Inc. ,Netcare Health Group Inc,Netj.Com
Corporation,Netlojix Communications Incorporated, Netmeasure
Technology, Inc. , NETMED, INC. ,Netparts.Com Inc, Netplex Group,
Inc. (The) ,Netsalon Corporation,Netsol Technologies Inc.,Nettron.Com
Inc, Netword, Inc. ,Network Access Solutions Corporation, Network
Commerce, Inc. , Network Computing Devices, Inc. , Netzee, Inc.
,Neurotech Development Corporation, Neutron Enterprises, Inc. ,Nevada
Holding Group Inc,Nevada Star Resources Corp.,New Century Bank,New
Century Companies Inc, New Cinema Partners, Inc. ,New Commerce
Bancorp (SC), New England Bancshares, Inc. (Enfield, CT) ,New England
Power Company,New Environmental Technologies Corporation, New
Generation Holdings, Inc. ,New Jersey Mining Company,New Medium
Enterprises Inc, New Millennium Bank (New Brunswick, NJ) ,New
Millennium Development Group,New Millennium Media Intl. Inc.,New
Paltz Capital Corporation,New Paradigm Productions Inc, New Sky
Communications, Incorporated , New Ulm Telecom, Inc. ,NEW VISUAL
CORP, New World Brands, Inc. ,New World Power Corporation (The),New
York International Commerce Group Inc,New York Medical Inc,New York
Regional Rail Corporation,Newkidco International Inc, Newport
International Group, Inc. , Newpower Holdings, Inc. ,Newtech Brake
Corp,Newton Financial Corp,Nexell Therapeutics Inc,Nexgen Vision
Inc,Nexia Holdings Inc, NEXIQ Technologies, Inc. ,Nexland Inc,Nexle
Corporation,Next Generation Media Corp,Next Generation Technology
Holdings Inc., Nextcard, Inc. ,Nextgen Communications Corporation,
Nexus Telocation Systems, Ltd. , Nicholas Investment Company, Inc.
,Nicor Inc.,Nighthawk Systems Inc,Nittany Financial Corporation,
NMXS.Com, Inc. ,Noble Romans Inc, Nocopi Technologies, Inc. , Nofire
Technologies, Inc. ,Nomadic Collaboration International Inc,
Nomatterware, Inc. , Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc. ,Norcal
Community Bancorp (California),Norstar Group Inc, Nortek, Inc. ,North
American Bank And Trust Co., North American Datacom, Inc. ,North
American Gaming And Entertainment Corporation, North Coast Energy,
Inc. ,North Coast Life Insurance Company,North Dallas Bank & Trust Co
Tex,North State National Bank Chico Ca, Northern Dynasty Minerals,
Ltd. ,Northern Empire Bancshares,Northern Indiana Public Service
Company,Northern Ostrich Corporation, Northern Savings & Loan Company
(Eylria, Ohio) ,Northern Star Financial Inc.,Northgate Innovations
Inc, Northland Cranberries, Inc. , Northstar Electronics, Inc.
,Northumberland Bancorp,Northwest Bancorporation Inc (WA),Northwest
Gold Inc,Northwest Indiana Bancorp,Northwestern Corporation,Notify
Technology Corporation, Nova Communications, Ltd. , Nova
International Films, Inc. ,Nova Natural Resources Corp, Novamed, Inc.
, Novex Systems International, Inc. ,Novo Networks Inc,Novus
Laboratories Inc,Noxso Corporation, NS Group, Inc. ,NT MEDIA CORP OF
CALIFORNIA INC,NTL Incorporated, NTL, Inc. New ,Nuclear Solutions
Inc, Nupro Innovations, Inc. ,Nurescell Inc, Nutek, Inc. ,Nutra
Pharma Corp,Nutrastar Inc,Nutri/System Inc,Nutrition Management
Services Company, Nuwave Technologies, Inc. ,NVE Corporation,O C G
Solutions, Inc. ,Oak Ridge Micro-Energy Inc, Oak Valley Community
Bank (Oakdale, CA) ,Oakridge Energy Inc,Oakridge Holdings Inc,Oasis
Entertainment Fourth Movie Project Inc, Oasis Information Systems,
Inc. , Oban Mining, Inc. ,Obsidian Enterprises Inc, Occam Networks,
Inc. ,Occupational Health & Rehabilitation Inc.,Ocean Power
Corporation,Ocean Resources Inc, Ocean Ventures, Inc. ,Oceanic
Exploration Co, Octus, Inc. , Ocumed Group, Inc. , Odyssey Marine
Exploration, Inc. ,Odyssey Pictures Corporation, Office Managers,
Inc. ,Ohio Power Co,Ohio State Bancshares, Old Line Bank (Waldord,
MD) , Olympic Entertainment Group, Inc. ,Olympic Resources Ltd,
Omnicomm Systems, Inc. ,Omninet International Limited, On Stage
Entertainment, Inc. ,Oncourse Technologies Inc,ONCURE TECHNOLOGIES
CORP, One Voice Technologies, Inc. ,Onecap, Onesource Technologies,
Inc. ,Online Gaming Systems Ltd, Online Innovation, Inc. ,Online
Power Supply Inc.,Onsite Energy Corporation, Onspan Networking, Inc.
, ONTV, Inc. , OP-TECH Environmental Services, Inc. , Open Door
Online, Inc. , Open Plan Systems, Inc. ,Ophthalmic Imaging Systems
Inc, Optical Concepts Of America, Inc. ,Optical Sensors
Incorporated,Optimum Source International Ltd,Optimumcare
Corp,Options Talent Group,Oranco Inc, Orange Community Bank (Orange,
CA) , Orbis Development, Inc. ,ORBIT E-COMMERCE INC,Orbittravel.Com
Corporation, Orderpro Logistics, Inc. ,Oregon Pacific Banking
Co,ORGANITECH USA INC,Orion Acquisition Corp. II,Orrstown Financial
Services Inc, Ortec International, Inc. , Orthodontix, Inc. ,
Orthometrix, Inc. ,Oswego County Bancorp Inc.,Otter Tail
Corporation,Ourpet's Company, Out-Takes, Inc. ,OVM International
Holding Corporation,Oxford Bank Corp,Oxford Ventures Inc, Oxis
International, Inc. ,Ozolutions Inc,P D C Innovative Industries
Inc,Pace Health Management Systems Inc,Pace Medical Inc,Pacel Corp,
Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. ,Pacific Alliance
Corporation,Pacific CMA Inc,Pacific Fuel Cell Corp,Pacific Liberty
Bank (CA),Pacific Northwest Capital Corporation,Pacific Sands
Inc,Pacific State Bancorp CA,Pacific Systems Control Technology Inc,
Pacific Webworks,Inc. ,Pacificorp,Packetport.Com Inc., Pagelab
Network, Inc. ,Paladyne Corporation,Paligent Inc.,Palladium
Communications Inc,Pallet Management Systems Inc, Palomar
Enterprises, Inc. ,Palweb Corporation (OK),Pan Asia Communications
Corporation,Panamed Corporation, Panavision, Inc. ,Pangea Petroleum
Corporation, Paper Warehouse, Inc. ,Paperclip Software
Inc,Paracelsian Inc.,Paradigm Advanced Technologies Inc,Paradise Inc,
Paragon Polaris Strategies.Com, Inc. ,Parallax Entertainment Inc,Park
City Group Inc,Park Pharmacy Corp, Parts.Com, Inc. , Pascack
Community Bank (Westwood, NJ) ,PASW Inc.,Patagonia Gold
Corporation,Patapsco Bancorp Inc, Path 1 Network Technologies, Inc. ,
Patient Infosystems, Inc. ,Patriot Investment Corporation,Patriot
Motorcycles Corporation,Patriot Scientific Corporation, Pavilion
Bancorp, Inc. (Michigan) ,Paving Stone Corporation,Pawnbroker.Com
Inc, PC-Ephone, Inc. ,PCS Edventures!.COM Inc, Pcsupport.Com, Inc.
,Pdg-Environmental Inc,PDS Gaming Corporation, Peabodys Coffee, Inc.
(NEV) ,Pekin Life Insurance Company,Pelican Properties International
Corp,Penn Laurel Financial Corporation, Pennexx Foods, Inc
,Pennsylvania Power Company, Pennsylvania State Bank (Camphill, PA)
,Penseco Financial Services Corp, Pentacon, Inc. , Peoples
Bancorporation, Inc. , Peoples Bank Of Commerce (Medford, OR)
,Peoples Bankcorp Inc (Ny),Peoples Community Capital Corp,Peoples
Financial Corp Inc,Peoples Financial Services Corporation,Peoples
First Inc,Peoples Ohio Financial Corp,Peoples State Bank Hamtramck,
Peoples, Ltd. ,Peoplesway.Com Inc, Per-Se Technologies, Inc. ,Perle
Systems Limited,Perma-Tune Electronics Inc, Perpetual Federal Savings
Bank (Urbana, OH) ,Personal Diagnostics Inc, Pet Quarters, Inc. ,
Petmed Express, Inc. ,Petrie Stores Liquidating Trust,Petrol
Industries Inc,Petrominerals Corporation,Pfsb Bancorp Inc,
Pharmaceutical Formulations, Inc. ,Pharmakinetics Labs Inc, PHC, Inc.
,Phlo Corporation, Phoenix International Industries, Inc./FL/ ,
Phoenix Media Group, Ltd. ,Phoenix Waste Services Company Inc.,
Phone1 Globalwide, Inc. ,Photon Technology International
Inc,Photonics Corporation, Photoworks, Inc. ,Physical Spa & Fitness
Inc, Pick-Ups Plus, Inc. ,Piedmont Inc,Piezo Instruments
Inc,Pillowtex Corporation New, Pilot Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
,Pinnacle Bancshares Corp,Pinnacle Resources Inc.,Pioneer Bankshares
Inc,Pioneer Commercial Funding Corp.,Pioneer Oil & Gas, Pipeline
Data, Inc. , Pipeline Technologies, Inc. ,Pitney Bowes Inc,Pitts And
Spitts Inc,Pivotal Self Service Technologies Inc,Plaintree Systems
Inc., Planet Polymer Technologies, Inc. ,Planet Resources
Inc,Planet411.Com Inc, Planetlink Communications, Inc. ,Planetrx.Com
Inc,Plangraphics Inc,Players Network (The),PLAYSTAR CORP,PLM
Equipment Growth Fund, Plumas Bancorp (Quincy, California) , PML,
Inc. ,Pocketspec Technologies Inc,Point Therapeutics Inc,Point West
Capital Corporation, Poker.Com, Inc. ,Pollution Research And Control
Corp.,Polymer Group Ltd, Polymer Group, Inc. ,Polymer Solutions
Inc,Polymet Mining Corp.,Ponte Nossa Acquisition Corporation, Pop N
Go, Inc. ,Portrush Petroleum Corporation,Portsmouth Square
Inc,Poseidis Inc,Positron Corp,Potomac Bancshares Inc,Potomac
Electric Power,Powder River Basin & Gas Co,POWER INTERACTIVE MEDIA
INC, Power Marketing, Inc. ,Power Technology Inc,Powerball
International Inc.,Powercerv Corporation,Powercold Corp,PR
Specialists Inc,Prab Inc, Practiceworks, Inc. , Prandium, Inc. New ,
Praxis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ,Precise Life Sciences Ltd, Precision
Auto Care, Inc. ,Precom Technology Inc,Preferred Bank Los
Angeles,Preferred Voice Inc, Prelude Ventures, Inc. , Premier Classic
Art, Inc. , Premier Commercial Bank, N. A. (Anaheim, CA) ,Premier Oil
Plc, Premier Service Bank (Riverside, CA) , Premier Valley Bank
(Fresno, CA) ,Premier West Bancorp,President Casinos
Inc.,Presidential Air Corporation,Prestige Group.Net Inc,Prevention
Insurance.Com,Pride Companies Lp,Primacom AG,Primal Solutions
Prime Retail, Inc. ,Primedex Health Systems Inc, Princeton Media
Group, Inc. ,Prineville Bancorporation,Prism Software Corp,Pro Glass
Technologies Inc,Pro Tech Communications Inc,Pro-Market Global Plc,
Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ,Process Equipment Inc,Process Technology
Systems Inc,Procyon Corp,Procyte Corporation,Productivity
Technologies Corp., Professional Business Bank (Pasadena, CA) ,
Professionals Direct, Inc. , Profile Technologies, Inc. ,Proginet
Corporation,Progress Energy Inc,Progressive Asset Management
Inc,Progressive Bancorp Inc,Prohealth Medical Technologies Inc,
PROLOGIC Management Systems, Inc. ,Prologue, Promos, Inc. , Protalex,
Inc. , Protein Polymer Technologies, Inc. , Proteo, Inc. ,PROTIDE
PHARMACEUTICALS INC,Protosource Corporation,Provectus Pharmaceutical
Inc, Providential Holdings, Inc. , PSB Holdings, Inc. (Wisconsin)
,PSC Inc., PSS, Inc. ,PTS Inc,Public Service Company Of
Oklahoma,PUBLICIS-ARIELY LTD,Publix Super Markets Inc,Puget Sound
Energy,Purchasesoft Inc,Purecycle Corp,Puroflow Inc,PVC Container
Corporation,PYNG Technologies Corp.,Pyramid Oil Co, Q Comm
International, Inc. ,Q-Net Technologies Inc, QCF Bancorp, Inc. ,QI
SYSTEMS INC,Qnb Corp, Qorus.Com, Inc. ,Qrs Music Technologies
Inc,Quality Products Inc,Qualmark Corporation,Quantech
Ltd,Quantitative Methods Corporation,Quest Products Corp,Quest
Resource Corporation,QUESTEC INC, Quick-Med Technologies, Inc. ,
Quintek Technologies, Inc. , Quixit, Inc. ,QUOTEMEDIA.COM INC,R & R
Ranching Inc,R M S Titanic Inc,R&RX Group Inc,R-Tec Holding
Inc,Rachel's Gourmet Snacks Inc,Rad Source Technologies Inc,Radiant
Technology Corp,Radio Unica Communications Corp.,Radva Corp,RAE
Systems Inc, Rainwire Partners, Inc. ,RAKO CORP,RAM Venture Holdings
Co.,Rancho Bank San Dimas Calif,Rancho Bernardo Community Bank
(CA),Ranger Industries Inc,Raptor Investments Inc,Rascals
International Inc, Raven Moon International, Inc. , RBC, Inc. , RCM
Interests, Inc ,Reality Interactive Inc,Reality Wireless Networks
Inc, Reclamation Consulting And Applications, Inc. , Recom Managed
Systems, Inc. ,Recyclenet Corporation,Red Butte Energy Inc,Red Horse
Entertainment Corp,Red Oak Bank,Reddi Brake Supply
Corporation,Redding Bancorp,Redox Technology Corporation, Redwood
Microcap Fund, Inc. , Reg Technologies, Inc. ,Regal One
Corporation,Regency Affiliates Inc,Regency Equities Corp,Regenerx
Biopharmaceuticals Inc, REGI U.S., Inc. ,Regma Bio Technologies
Limited,Reii Inc,Reink Corporation, Reliable Power Systems, Inc.
,RELM Wireless Corporation,Remedent USA Inc,Renaissance Entertainment
Corporation,Renegade Venture Corp, Repeater Technologies, Inc.
,Repro-Med Systems Inc,REPUBLIC RESOURCES INC,Rescon Technology
Corporation,Reserve Bancorp Inc,Reserve Pete Co,Resource Asset
Management Corp,Resource Bankshares Corporation,RESOURCE FINANCE &
INVESTMENTS LTD, Retail Highway.Com, Inc. , Return Assured, Inc.
,Return On Investment Corporation,Revcare Inc., Reward Enterprises,
Inc. ,Rezconnect Technologies Inc,RFP Express Inc,Rhino Ecosystems
Inc,Rhombic Corporation,Ricex Co, Ricoh Company, Ltd. ,Ridgestone
Financial Services Inc,Rim Holdings Inc,Rimpac Resources Ltd., Rising
Sun Bancorp (Rising Sun, Maryland) ,Risk George Industries Inc,
Riverside Group, Inc. , RJV Network, Inc. , RMED International, Inc.
,ROANOAKE TECHNOLOGY CORP, Robocom Systems International, Inc. ,
Robomatix Technologies, Ltd. ,Rockport Healthcare Group Inc,Rockport
National Bancorp Inc,Rockwell Ventures Inc,Rocky Mountain Energy
Corporation (Nevada),Rocky Mountain Minerals Inc, Roebling Financial
Corp., Inc. ,Rolltech Inc,Ronson Corporation, Rosedale Decorative
Products, Ltd. ,Rotary Pwr International Inc, Royal Bodycare, Inc. ,
Royal Precision, Inc. ,Royal Standard Minerals Inc, Royce Biomedical,
Inc. , RP Entertainment, Inc. ,RPM Technologies Inc,RRUN Ventures
Network Inc,RSI Holdings Inc,RTIN Holdings Inc, Rubber Technology
International, Inc. ,Rubicon Medical Corporation,Rubicon Minerals
Corp,Ruby Mining Company New,Rumson-Fair Haven Bank & Trust
Company,RUNCORP INC, Rushmore Financial Group, Inc. , Rxbazaar, Inc.
,Saehan Bancorp, Saf T Lok, Inc. , Safari Associates, Inc. , Safe
Alternatives Corporation Of America, Inc. ,Safe Id Corporation,Safe
Technolgs International Inc,Safe Transportation Systems Inc,
Safeguard Health Enterprises, Inc. ,Safetek International Inc,Safety
Components International Inc,SAFLINK Corporation,Sagemark Companies
Ltd. (The),Salant Corporation, Sales Online Direct, Inc.
,Salesrepcentral.Com Inc., Salient 3 Communications, Inc. , Saliva
Diagnostic Systems, Inc. ,Samaritan Pharmaceuticals,Samex Minings
Corporation,Samsonite Corporation,Samuels Jewelers Inc,San Antonios
Resources Inc.,San Diego Gas & Electric Company, SAN Holdings, Inc.
,San Joaquin Bank, Sangui Biotech International, Inc. ,Sanguine
Corporation,Satellite Enterprises Corp, Savoy Capital Investments,
Inc. ,Saztec International Inc,SBS Interactive Co, Scan-Optics, Inc.
,Scanner Technologies Corporation,Scantek Medical Inc, Scanvec
Company (1990), Ltd. , SCB Computer Technology, Inc. , Schick
Technologies, Inc. ,Science Dynamics Corporation,SCIENTIFIC ENERGY
INC,Scientific Industries Inc,Scientific Learning Corporation,
Scientio, Inc. ,Scioto Downs Inc,SCOLR Inc,Score One Inc,Scores
Holding Company Inc, Scott's Liquid Gold, Inc. ,SE Global Equities
Corporation, Seabulk International, Inc. ,Sealant Solutions
Inc,Searchhound.Com Inc.,Seaview Video Technology Inc., Second Stage
Ventures, Inc. ,Secure Enterprise Solutions Inc,Secured Data
Inc,Secured Diversified Investment Ltd,Secureview Systems
Inc,Security Asset Capital Corporation,Security Bancorp Inc
(Tn),Security Biometrics Inc,Security Intelligence Technologies Inc,
Security National Corporation (Sioux City, Iowa) , Sedona Software
Solutions, Inc. ,Segmentz Inc, Seibels Bruce Group, Inc. (The) ,
Select Media Communications, Inc. ,Semele Group Inc.,Seneca Foods
Corp.,Senior Care Industries,Senior Optician Service Inc,SENSE
HOLDINGS INC, Sense Technologies, Inc. ,Sentex Sensing Technology
Inc,Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company,Sentry Technology
Corporation,Sepragen Corp,Sequiam Corporation, Sequoia National Bank
(San Fran, CA) ,Serefex Corporation,Service 1st Bank,Service Bancorp
Inc, Service Systems International, Ltd. ,Seto Holdings Inc, Seven
Ventures, Inc. , Seychelle Environmental Technologies, Inc. ,Sfb
Bancorp Inc (Tn),Sfsb Holding Co,SGD HOLDINGS LTD, Shadows Bend
Development, Inc. , Shaft, Inc. ,Shallbetter Industries Inc,Sharecom
Inc,SHARP HOLDING CORPORATION,Sharps Compliance Corp, Shells Seafood
Restaurants, Inc. ,SHIMODA RESOURCES HOLDINGS INC, Shiprock, Inc.
,Shopnet.Com Inc.,Shopsmith Inc, SHORE COMMUNITY BANK (TOMS RIVER,
NJ) ,Si Diamond Technology Inc,Siboney Corp, Siclone Industries, Inc.
, Siena Holdings, Inc. ,Sierra Monitor Corp,Sight Resource Corp.,
Silver Diner, Inc. , Silver Falls Bank (Silverton, Oregon) ,Silver
Key Mining Co Inc, Silver Star Foods, Inc. ,Silverado Gold Mines Ltd,
SIMEX Technologies, Inc. ,Simsbury Bank & Trust Company,Simtek
Corp,Simtrol Inc, Simulations Plus, Inc. ,Single Source Financial
Services Corporation,Sionix Corporation,Sistersville Bancorp
Inc,Sitestar Corporation,Siti-Sites.Com Inc.,Siuslaw Financial Group
Inc,Siwooganock Guaranty Savings Bank,Sixx Holdings Inc,Sk
Technologies Corp, Skinvisible, Inc. , Skyline Multimedia
Entertainment, Inc. , SLI, Inc. ,Slippery Rock Financial Corp,SLS
International Inc,Small Town Radio Inc,SMI Products Inc.,Smith &
Wesson Holding Corp,Smith-Midland Corporation,Smithtown Bancorp
Inc,Smlx Technologies Inc,SNAP2 Corporation, SNB Bancshares, Inc.
(Texas) ,Sochrys.Com Inc, Softcare EC, Inc. , Softech, Inc. ,
Softstone, Inc. ,Softwall Equipment Corporation,Solar Energy Ltd,
Solar Satellite Communication, Inc. ,Solitron Devices Inc, Solvay
Bank Corporation (Solvay, New York) ,Somerset Hills Bancorp,Sonex
Research Inc, Sonic Jet Performance, Inc. , Sonics & Materials, Inc.
,Sono-Tek Corp,Sonoma Valley Bancorp,Sonoran Energy Inc, Sooner
Holdings, Inc. ,Soulfood Concepts Inc,Source Energy Corporation,
Sourcinglink.Net, Inc. ,South Carolina Electric & Gas, South County
Bank, N.A. (California) , Southborrough Ventures, Inc. ,Southcoast
Financial Corporation,Southeastern Banking Corp Ga, Southern
Community Bank & Trust (Commonwealth, VA) ,Southern Connecticut
Bancorp Inc,Southern Ind Gas & Electric,Southern Michigan Bancorp,
Southern States Power Company, Inc. ,Southwest Community
Bank,Southwestern Electric Power Company,Sovay Bancorp, Spacedev,
Inc. ,Spantel Communications Inc (FL),Spatializer Audio Labs
Inc,Special Metals Corporation, Specialized Health Products
International, Inc. , Specialized Leasing, Inc. , Spectrascience,
Inc. ,Spectrasource Corporation, Spectre Industries, Inc. ,Spectrum
Labs Inc,Spectrum Organic Products Inc,Speedcom Wireless Corporation,
Spiderboy International, Inc. ,Spindletop Oil & Gas Co, Sport Supply
Group, Inc. , Sportan United Industries, Inc. ,Sporting Magic
Inc.,Sports Arenas Inc, Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. ,
Sportsnuts.Com International, Inc. , SRM Networks, Inc. , SSI
Surgical Services, Inc. ,St Joseph Capital Corp,St. John Knits
International Inc.,St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation,Stamford Bank Corp
New York, Stampede Worldwide, Inc. ,Standard Energy Corp, Stanfield
Educational Alternatives, Inc. ,Stansbury Holdings Corporation, Star
Multi Care Services, Inc. , Starfield Resources, Inc. ,Startcall.Com
Inc,Statmon Technologies Corporation,Steam Cleaning USA Inc,Steel
City Products Inc, Steelton Bancorp, Inc. ,Stelax Industries
Ltd.,Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc, Stereoscape.Com, Inc. ,Sterling
Bank Jersey, Sterling Chemicals Holdings, Inc. ,Sterling Construction
Company Inc, Sterling Sugars, Inc. ,Stewardship Financial
Corp,Stockgroup Information Systems Inc,STRATABASE, Strategic
Acquisitions, Inc. , Strategic Capital Resources, Inc. ,Strategic
Internet Investments Inc, Strategic Solutions Group, Inc. ,
Strategika, Inc. ,Stratford American Corp,Stratosphere Corporation,
Stratus Services Group, Inc. ,Stronghold Technologies Inc,Studio
Bromont Inc, Styleclick, Inc. ,Successories Inc., Suite 101.Com, Inc.
, Sulphco, Inc. ,Summedia.Com Inc.,Summit Bancshares Inc Of
California, Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. , Summit Environmental
Corporation, Inc , Summit Financial Group, Inc. ,SUMMIT LIFE
Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. , Sun Network Group, Inc. ,Sun Power
Corporation,Sun River Mining Inc,Sunburst Acquisitions Iv
Inc,Suncoast Bancorp Inc.,Sungold Entertainment Corp.,Sunland
Entertainment Co Inc (DE), Sunlink Health Systems, Inc. ,Sunwest
Bank,Superconductive Component Inc, Superior Networks, Inc. ,Superior
Telecom Inc.,Supreme Hospitality, Surebet Casinos, Inc. ,Surecare
Inc, Surequest Systems, Inc. ,Surety Capital Corporation,Surety
Holdings Corporation, Surforama.Com, Inc. , Surg II, Inc , Surgical
Safety Products, Inc. , Surgilight, Inc. , Surrey Bank & Trust (Mt.
Airy, North Carolina) ,Sutron Corp,Sutter Holding Company Inc,Sutton
Trading Solutions Inc,SVT Inc, SWISSRAY International, Inc. ,Symbiat
Inc, Symons International Group, Inc. ,Symphony Telecom
Corporation,Synbiotics Corporation, Synergy 2000, Inc. ,Synergy
Technologies Corporation,Synreal Services Corporation,SYNSORB Biotech
Inc.,Syntellect Inc., Synthetic Blood International, Inc. ,Syratech
Corporation,SYS,Syscomm International Corporation,Systemone
Technologies Inc., SZM Distributors, Inc. ,T B X Resources Inc,T&G
2,T-3 Energy Services Inc, T.H. Lehman & Co., Inc. , T.J.T., Inc.
,Table Trac Inc.,TAG Oil Ltd,Talk Visual Corporation,Tangent
Solutions Inc, Tangible Asset Galleries, Inc. , Tangibledata, Inc. ,
Tanisys Technology, Inc. ,Tantivy Group Inc, Target Logistics, Inc.
,Targitinteractive Inc,Tarpon Coast Bancorp Inc, Tarragon Realty
Investors, Inc. ,Taseko Mines Limited,Tasker Capital Corporation,
Tasty Fries, Inc. , Taurus Entertainment Companies, Inc. , Tayco
Developments, Inc. , Taylor Calvin B Bankshares, Inc. (Maryland) ,TCX
Electro Industries, Inc. , Tech Laboratories, Inc. ,Techlabs
,Technology General Corp,TECHNOLOGY VISIONS GROUP INC,Techsite
Strategies Corporation,Techsys Inc.,Tekron Inc,Tel-Instrument
Electronics Corp.,Tel-Voice Communications Inc,Telco Blue Inc,
Telco-Technology, Inc. ,Tele-Optics Inc,TELEBYTE INC,
Telecommunication Products, Inc. ,Telefonica De Argentina SA,Telegen
Corp,Telemetrix Inc.,TELEMONDE INC,Telenetics Corporation,TELEPANEL
SYSTEMS INC,Telesis North Communications Inc,Telesource International
Inc, Telespectrum Worldwide, Inc. , Teletrak Environmental Systems,
Inc. ,Televideo Inc.,Television Networking Inc, Telkonet, Inc. ,Telos
Corporation,TELS Corporation,Teltone Corporation, Teltronics, Inc.
,Telum International Corp,Telvue Corp,Telynx Inc.,Temecula Valley
Bancorp Inc, Temporary Financial Services, Inc. , Temtex Industries,
Inc. , Ten Stix, Inc. ,Tengtu International Corp.,Teraforce
Technology Corporation,Teraglobal Communications Corp., Terencenet,
Inc. , Tessa Complete Health Care, Inc. ,Teton Petroleum
Company,Texas Vanguard Oil Company,Texen Oil & Gas Inc, TGC
Industries, Inc. , Thane International, Inc. ,Thaon Communications
Inc.,THC Communications Inc,The Bank Of Kentucky Financial Corp.,The
Farmers Bank,The General Chemical Group Inc.,The Hockey Company,The
Imaging Center Inc,The Mechanics Bank,The Tirex Corporation,
Theamericanwest.Com, Inc. , Theglobe.Com, Inc. ,Thermadyne Holdings
Corporation, Thermodynetics, Inc. , Thermoelastics Technologies, Inc.
,THERMOENERGY CORP - SER B,Thinka Weight-Loss Corporation, Thomas
Group, Inc. ,Thor Ventures Corporation,Thoroughbred Interests
Inc,Thrilltime Entertainment International, Thunder Mountain Gold,
Inc. ,Tidelands Oil & Gas Corporation, Tidelands Royalty Trust B
,Tiger Telematics Inc, TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc. , Timebeat.Com
Enterprises, Inc. , Timeline, Inc. ,Tintic Gold Mining Company,Tioga
Technologies Ltd.,Titan General Holdings Inc, Titan Technologies,
Inc. ,Titan Trading Analytics Inc.,Titanium Holdings Group Inc, TM
Century, Inc. ,TMI Holdings Inc, TMS, Inc. , TNR Technical, Inc. ,
Today's Man, Inc. , Togs For Tykes, Inc. ,Toledo Edison
Company,Tomahawk Industries Inc, Too Gourmet, Inc. ,Torbay Holdings
Inc., Torotel, Inc. ,Torpedo Sports USA Inc, Torvec, Inc. , Total
Entertainment, Inc. , Touch America Holdings, Inc , Touchstone
Applied Science Associates, Inc. ,Touchstone Software
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The Patience Wheatcroft Column:
*Tills keep ringing at M&S (MKS.L).
*BAE (BA.L) and defence of Britishness.
*Short-sighted view of share schemes.
*Gordon Brown to judge if his 5 economic tests for joining the Euro
are met, on the basis of 14 documents prepared by officials.
The Tempus Column:
*Northern Foods (NFDS.L) under pressure Hold.
*Aberdeen (ADN.L) Sell.
*Woolworth (WLW.L) - Hold.
Further news:
*Husband and wife at the centre of Amazon insider dealing inquiry.
The Questor Column:
*Northern (NFDS.L) takes the biscuit Hold Northern Foods if you have
them, but now's not the time to take the biscuit.
*Woolies (WLW.L) has room to jump As a recovery play, worth holding.
*Ashtead (AHT.L) feels the pinch Don't bore in just yet.
Further news:
*Ambitious M&S (MKS.L) results look smart despite November blip.
*Hoon says BAE (BA.L) is not a British company.
*Morrison's (MRW.L) head puts Safeway (SFW.L) case to OFT.
*M&S (MKS.L) - Revitalised retailer delivers strong Christmas sales.
*LSE (LSE.L) - Speculation that Deutsche Börse merger will be
resurrected grips markets.
*JD Sports (JD.L) - Sports retailer sweats over a profit warning.
*Woolworths (WLW.L) - wrongfoots City sceptics, telling City it
expects its profits to improve after "satisfactory" Christmas
Further news:
*NTL or Knapp - Back and 'bullet proof', but which of the two?
*BAE (BA.L) blasts Hoon over "daft" claim that defence giant is not a
British company.
*Rise in job numbers pushes up wage rates.
The Outlook Column:
*Britain is the only casualty as Hoon picks anew fight with BAE
*Mark Dixon's (Regus (RGU.L)) chapter 11.
*Dirty tricks trivia Ken Morrison 'airbrushes' out part of his life
in "Who's Who".
*Top Marks sets the pace (Alex Brummer Column).
*Defence Secretary Geoffrey Hoon's "foreign" outburst zaps BAE (BA.L)
contract hopes.
*Germans 'launching new LSE (LSE.L) offensive.
*Tough on the streets but M&S (MKS.L) tramples on rivals.
The City Interview:
*Sir Peter Davis (Sainsbury (SBRY.L)).
At a Glance:
*Goldshield (GSD.L) clobbered as a claim for damages drags on.
*Beanfeast for advisers in Safeway (SFW.L) bid battle.
*Northern Foods (NFDS.L) choc-full of gloom.
*Jobs data key to nation's health (City Editor).
*New rules sickener for Boots (BOOT.L).
Who's Dealing:
*Laura Ashley (ALY.L) Chairman lifts stake.
Share Whisper:
*Is the London Stock Exchange (LSE.L) about to lose its independence?
Brokers View:
*Buy Synstar (SYN.L) says Old Mutual.
No share news today.
*All is well at Woolies (WLW.L).
*Not quite full Marks (MKS.L) M&S enjoys better Christmas than most.
*The poor quarter Disappointing Christmas for Matalan (MTN.L).
*That takes the biscuit Northern Foods (NFDS.L) gets battered.
*KKR in Safeway (SFW.L) talks with Merrill.
*Andrew Regan cover-up alleged.
*Regus' (RGU.L) U.S. arm files for Chapter 11.
*Harry Potter wins over investors (Bloomsbury Publishing (BMY.L)).

The poor state of the advertising market hit shares in ITV companies
Carlton (CCM.L) and Granada (GAA.L), with Granada shares down down
4.25p to 68.25p and Carlton shares down 9.5p to 113.5p. HMV Group
(HMV.L) kept traders chins up, a star performer no less, after
reporting it is on track to meet its financial targets.


CSFB has reiterated outperform on HMV (HMV.L).
The broker has an outperform recommendation on Severn Trent (SVT.L).
CSFB has downgraded Xstrata (XTA.L) to neutral from outperform, with
a 650p price target.

Lehman has equal-weight on Aviva (AV.L), with a 581p price target.
The broker has overweight on Prudential (PRU.L), with a 590p price

Merrill has published a Large-Cap Review:
The broker says buy SABMiller (SAB.L), Imperial Tobacco (IMT.L), WPP
(WPP.L), Boots (BOOT.L), Compass (CPG.L), Tesco (TSCO.L), Hilton
(HG.L), Six Continents (SXC.L), BSkyB (BSY.L), Granada (GAA.L), GUS
(GUS.L), Kingfisher (KGF.L), Unilever (ULVR.L), British American
Tobacco (BAT.L), Gallaher (GLH.L), Reed Elsevier (REL.L) and Reckitt
Benckiser (RB.L).
The broker is neutral on Scottish & Newcastle (SCTN.L), Diageo
(DGE.L), GKN (GKN.L), Dixons (DXNS.L), Sainsbury (SBRY.L), Allied
Domecq (ALLD.L), Associated British Foods (ABF.L) and Cadbury
Merrill says sell Reuters (RTR.L), Marks & Spencer (MKS.L) and Wm
Morrison (MRW.L).
In the Oil sector the broker says buy Shell (SHEL.L) and is neutral
on BG (BG.L) and BP (BP.L).
In the Finance sector Merrill say buy Barclays (BARC.L), Lloyds TSB
(LLOY.L), Northern Rock (NRK.L), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBOS.L), Man
Group (EMG.L), Schroders (SDR.L) and Royal & SunAlliance (RSA.L).
They are neutral on Alliance & Leicester (AL.L), HBOS (HBOS.L), HSBC
(HSBA.L), Standard Chartered (STAN.L), Amvescap (AVZ.L), Aviva
(AV.L), Friends Provident (FP.L), Legal & General (LGEN.L) and
Prudential (PRU.L).
The broker says sell Abbey National (ANL.L).
In the Telecom sector Merrill says buy BT (BT.L) and is neutral on
Vodafone (VOD.L) and mmO2 (OOM.L).
They say sell Cable & Wireless (CW.L).
In the Utility sector Merrill says buy National Grid Transco (NGG.L)
and Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE.L).
They say sell United Utilities (UU.L).
Merrill is neutral on Centrica (CNA.L), Scottish Power (SPW.L) and
Severn Trent (SVT.L).
In the Property sector Merrill says buy British Land (BLND.L) and
Canary Wharf (CWG.L).
In the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare areas the broker says buy Alliance
Unichem (AUN.L), Amersham (AHM.L), Smith & Nephew (SN.L) and
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L).
They are neutral on AstraZeneca (AZN.L) and Shire Pharmaceuticals
In the Industrials they say buy BAE Systems (BA.L), Rolls-Royce
(RR.L), Smiths (SMIN.L), Brambles (BI.L), Capita (CPI.L), Rentokil
(RTO.L) and BAA (BAA.L).
They are neutral on Invensys (ISYS.L), Tomkins (TOMK.L), Wolseley
(WOS.L), Bunzl (BNZL.L), Hays (HAS.L) and Exel (EXL.L).
They say buy BHP Billiton (BLT.L), BOC (BOC.L), ICI (ICI.L) and Rexam
Merrill says sell Hanson (HNS.L).
They are neutral on Johnson Matthey (JMAT.L) and Rio Tinto (RIO.L).
The broker is neutral on IT Group (ITE.L) and Sage (SGE.L).

Schroder Salomon has reiterated outperform on HMV (HMV.L), but has
cut its price target to 145p from 180p.

Teather says buy Carillion (CLLN.L), Ottokars (OKR.L) and Thistle
Hotels (THO.L), after today's solid trading statements.
The broker says buy ICAP (IAP.L).
Teather says hold HMV (HMV.L), and Reuters (RTR.L).

UBS has lowered the target price on Matalan (MTN.L) from 290p to 250p
and has a buy2 recommendation for the group. ( Their denomination of
a '2' as in 'buy2', or 'neutral2', indicates less predictability.
UBS has lowered the price target on PizzaExpress (PIZ.L) from 384p to
360p and has a buy2 recommendation.
It has downgraded Northern Foods (NFDS.L) from neutral1 to neutral2
and cut the price target to 120p from 150p.
UBS has raised the price target for Aberdeen Asset Management (ADN.L)
from 80p to 120p after yesterday's announcement on the sale of 6 of
its retail funds to New Star Asset Management. They have a buy2
recommendation on the stock.
The broker has cut its target price on Go-Ahead (GOG.L) from 725p to
680p, with a neutral recommendation.
UBS has upgraded Alfred McAlpine (MCA.L) from hold to a buy2, but has
reduced its price target from 350p to 280p.
UBS says buy HMV (HMV.L), but has cut the price target to 140p from

WestLB advises taking profits in Reuters (RTR.L).
It has reiterated its outperform rating for Colt Telecom (CTM.L) with
a 50p price target.
It recommends a buy for mm02 (OOM.L) with 70p price target.
The broker has a neutral rating for Ted Baker (TBK.L) with a 225p
price target.
It recommends a buy for Chime Communications (CHW.L) and has
increased its price target to 20p.

*HMV Group PLC (HMV.L) FY2002 interim earnings results.
*Body Shop (BOS.L) - Trading statement.

*Aberdeen Asset Management PLC (ADN.L) AGM.

*Associated British Foods PLC (ABF.L) interim dividend record date
for the period to: 14/09/2002.
*Berkeley Group PLC (BKL.L) interim dividend record date for the
period to: 31/10/2002.
*De La Rue PLC (DLAR.L) interim dividend payment date for the period
to: 28/09/2002.
*Firstgroup PLC (FGP.L) interim dividend record date for the period
to: 30/09/2002.
*Monks Investment Trust PLC (MNKS.L) interim dividend record date for
the period to: 31/10/2002.
*Northern Foods PLC (NFDS.L) interim dividend record date for the
period to: 30/09/2002.
*The City of London Investment Trust PLC (CTY.L) quarterly dividend
record date for the period to: 31/12/2002.
*The Paragon Group of Companies PLC (PAG.L) interim dividend record
date for the period to: 30/09/2002.

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