Curetis Announces its Initial Public Offering on Euronext in Amsterdam and Euronext in Brussels

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Curetis AG / Curetis Announces its Initial Public Offering on Euronext in Amsterdam and Euronext in Brussels . Processed and transmitted by NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.


Holzgerlingen, Germany, October 28, 2015 -- Curetis B.V.[1] (the "Company") and, together with Curetis AG, "Curetis"), a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announces the terms of its initial public offering of newly issued ordinary shares, with the admission to listing and trading of all of its shares (the "Shares") on Euronext in Amsterdam and Euronext in Brussels (the "IPO" or the "Offering") as well as publication of the prospectus. Admission to listing and first day of trading of the Shares is expected to take place on 11 November 2015 under the symbol "CURE".

Highlights of the Offering

  • The Offering consists of up to 4,166,667 newly issued ordinary Shares of the Company (the "New Shares"). In addition, the Offering will include an over-allotment option of up to 625,000 additional newly issued Shares ("Additional Shares" and together with the New Shares, the "Offer Shares"), comprising up to 15% of the total number of Offer Shares (the "Over-Allotment Option"). The maximum number of Offer Shares that can be issued in the Offering (including full exercise of the Over-Allotment Option) is 4,791,667 Shares. After conversion into Curetis N.V. but prior to the issue of any Offer Shares and any Additional Shares, the total share capital of the Company will consist of 11,107,378 Shares.
  • The offer price range for the Offering is set at EUR 9.50 to EUR 12.00 (inclusive) per Offer Share (the "Offer Price Range").
  • The Company is targeting to raise approximately EUR 29.3m of gross proceeds from the Offering, but based on the maximum number of Offer Shares, it has the possibility to raise up to approximately EUR 50m in gross proceeds from the Offering (assuming an offer price at the upper end of the Offer Price Range and excluding any gross proceeds from the issue of Additional Shares.
  • The Offering consists of a public offering in Germany to institutional investors and retail investors, and a private placement to certain institutional and other eligible investors in various other jurisdictions.
  • The offer and subscription period commences today (28 October 2015) at 09:00 CET and is expected to end on 10 November 2015 at 16:00 CET (the "Offering Period"), subject to acceleration or extension of the timetable for the Offering.
  • The final offer price and the exact number of Offer Shares are expected to be announced on 10 November 2015. Allocation is expected to take place on 10 November 2015 and delivery of the Offer Shares is expected for 13 November 2015 (the "Settlement Date"). Prior to allocation, the Offer Price Range and the number of Offer Shares may be changed.
  • Listing of and first trading in the shares (on an "as-if-and-when-issued" basis) on Euronext in Amsterdam and Euronext in Brussels under the symbol "CURE" are expected to commence on 11 November 2015 (the "First Trading Date").
  • The prospectus relating to the Offering as approved by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Stichting Autoriteit Financiële Markten, the "AFM") on 27 October 2015 is available on the Curetis website ( The Company has requested the AFM to notify its approval to the competent authorities in Germany and Belgium.
  • STRATEC Biomedical AG and certain existing shareholders of Curetis AG have irrevocably committed to subscribe for Offer Shares at the offer price in the Offering. The aggregate commitments of such shareholders and STRATEC Biomedical AG amount to approximately EUR 16m.
  • The Company, its managing directors and all Curetis AG's existing shareholders and former and current employees have agreed to lock-up provisions of 365 days, subject to certain customary carve-outs.

"Our Unyvero solution is designed to provide clinicians with an easy-to-use, innovative molecular diagnostics tool so that they can make informed decisions about the treatment of patients with severe infectious diseases very early on," said Oliver Schacht, PhD, CEO of Curetis. "The funds raised through this offering will be used to expand our sales and marketing activities even further, in particular to the U.S. market, and to address a much broader range of indications."

"We believe Curetis is a well-positioned molecular diagnostics company in the infectious disease market," said Frank Mühlenbeck, PhD, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Curetis AG. "The Company is now set out to bring the benefits of faster molecular diagnostics to even more patients and also to generate significant value for its shareholders."

Expected Timetable

Subject to acceleration or extension of the timetable for, or withdrawal of, the Offering, the timetable below lists certain expected key dates for the Offering.

Date Event
28 October Publication of prospectus and start of the Offering Period
10 November End of the Offering Period
10 November Pricing and allocation
11 November First trading date (on an "as-if-and-when-issued" basis)
13 November Settlement Date

Curetis AG's existing shareholders have agreed to lock-up provisions for a period of 365 days of which the first 180 days is a hard-lock period during which the restrictions under the lock-up may not be waived by the Joint Bookrunners (acting on behalf of the Underwriters). The Company, its managing directors and Curetis AG's current and former employees have also agreed to lock-up provisions for a period of 365 days. The restrictions under the lock-up provisions applicable to the Company's managing directors and Curetis AG's current and former employees may not be waived during their term. All lock-up arrangements are subject to customary exemptions.

RBC Capital Markets is acting as Sole Global Coordinator for the Offering. RBC Capital Markets and Bank Degroof Petercam nv/sa are together acting as Joint Bookrunners for the Offering. ICF Bank AG is acting as Joint Lead Manager for the Offering. The Joint Bookrunners and the Joint Lead Manager together are acting as Underwriters for the Offering. RBC Capital Markets will also be acting as Stabilisation Manager on behalf of the Underwriters. ICF Bank AG is acting as Retail Coordinator for the offering of Offer Shares to eligible German retail investors.

Use of proceeds

Curetis intends to use the net proceeds of the Offering:

  • to build a commercial marketing, sales and support presence in the US in order to directly commercialise the Unyvero System and Application Cartridges following anticipated clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA");
  • to accelerate the R&D pipeline of its Unyvero Application Cartridges for European, US and other markets, including clinical trials and regulatory approvals;
  • for expanding and strengthening its European commercial presence in markets where it sells the Unyvero Platform directly to end customers;
  • for working capital purposes, manufacturing capacity expansion and general corporate purposes.

Summary of Company highlights

The Unyvero Platform

  • With its Unyvero Platform, Curetis has developed a walk-away solution that detects a broad range of different microorganisms and antibiotic resistance markers in a single test from a wide variety of native sample materials within four to five hours as opposed to 24 to 72 hours (or even weeks) required for traditional microbiology culture based tests.
  • The CE-IVD marked Unyvero Platform is designed as a robust, infrastructure-independent, near-patient solution that can be operated automatically with minimal hands-on time and by non-laboratory staff. It has been validated in over 30 completed clinical studies and endorsed by key opinion leaders. It deals with a large variety of sample types and covers more microorganisms and resistance markers than competing platforms.
  • The Unyvero Platform allows clinicians to make early adjustments to a more specific treatment of the patient, saving significant time and cost, in particular by reducing the time of the patient's hospital stay. Moreover, informed therapy decisions may prevent or decrease the risk of antibiotic resistance development, a major challenge in healthcare worldwide.

High-value products addressing significant unmet medical need

  • The P55 Application Cartridge addresses severe pneumonia infections and currently detects 20 pneumonia-causing pathogens and 19 clinically relevant resistance markers against antimicrobials.
  • The i60 ITI Application Cartridge detects 61 microorganisms and 19 antibiotic resistance markers relevant for eight different clinical indications: prosthetic joint and other implant infections, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical site infections, catheter-associated infections, deep skin and tissue infections, cardiology-related infections, and burn wounds.
  • Curetis' pipeline of product candidates includes Application Cartridges for blood culture testing and intra-abdominal/gastrointestinal tract infections and a sepsis host response Application Cartridge

Focus on global commercial expansion

  • Curetis' Unyvero Systems and Application Cartridges are commercialised in Europe and certain other markets that accept CE-marking (i.e. Kuwait, Qatar, Russia and United Arab Emirates).
  • Curetis also intends to further expand internationally as seen by the recent signing of distribution agreements with Acumen for certain ASEAN markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand) and Beijing Clear Biotech for Greater China (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong).
  • In the U.S., Curetis is currently running a prospective multi-center clinical trial aimed at achieving FDA clearance and a subsequent market launch in 2017.

Strong management team and investor base

  • Curetis' management team combines decades of operational and commercial experience in the MDx industry.
  • Curetis is backed by renowned investors, including aeris CAPITAL, LSP Life Sciences Partners, Forbion, HBM, BioMed Invest, Roche Venture Fund, QIAGEN, CD-Venture and KfW.

Further company highlights

  • Curetis controls all key aspects of its value chain;
  • manufactures all Application Cartridges in-house, with its highly automated cleanroom assembly line;
  • believes that its Unyvero Platform has the potential for menu expansion into other areas, such as oncology, companion diagnostics, transplant medicine and veterinary applications.

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Availability of the prospectus

The Offering is being made solely by means of a prospectus. Copies of the prospectus may, subject to applicable securities law restrictions, be obtained from the website of Curetis (

Earlier announcements relating to the Offering

On 14 October 2015, Curetis announced its intention to launch an IPO and listing on Euronext in Amsterdam and Euronext in Brussels. The press release, which includes further information about Curetis, is available on the website of Curetis ( 


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About Curetis AG

Founded in 2007, Curetis AG is a molecular diagnostics company which focuses on the development and commercialisation of reliable, fast and cost-effective products for diagnosing severe infectious diseases. The diagnostic solutions of Curetis AG enable rapid multi-parameter pathogen and antibiotic resistance marker detection in only a few hours, a process that today can take up to days or even weeks with other techniques.

To date, Curetis has raised total funds of over EUR 63.5 million (>US$ 70 million). The company is based in Holzgerlingen near Stuttgart, Germany. Curetis has signed collaboration agreements with Heraeus Medical and Cempra Inc. as well as several international distribution agreements covering many countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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The offer is being made solely by means of, and on the basis of, the published prospectus (including any amendments thereto, if any). An investment decision regarding the offered Shares should exclusively be made on the basis of the prospectus. The prospectus is available free of charge from the Company (Max-Eyth-Strasse 42, 71088 Holzgerlingen, Germany) and on its website (

[1] Curetis B.V. will be converted into Curetis N.V. immediately after determination of the final offer price.

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