3/29/2017, 1:51 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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May: Brexit means laws will be made in UK

After invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Theresa May stated on Wednesday that leaving the European Union means laws will be created in the United Kingdom. The UK prime minister stressed that Brexit would lead to strengthening of the union of four nations that comprise the United Kingdom and that "specific interests of each nation" will be taken into account. According to May, each Britain's devolved administration will see "significant increase in decision making power."

As she said she hopes they will deliver "smooth and orderly Brexit," May also promised that they will "control immigration" in order "to attract the brightest and the best people to work and study in the UK."

While they will stop being members of the EU, they will make new agreements with other countries outside the trade bloc, she concluded. The cooperation with the bloc will be continued when it comes to crime, terrorism and foreign affairs. May stressed that it is in the interest of both sides that there is "as little disruption as possible"

"As early as possible," May said they will work on protection of rights of EU citizens working in London and vice versa. 

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