5/28/2018, 12:39 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Cottarelli accepts Italian interim PM role

Carlo Cottarelli (pictured right) accepted on Monday to take over as Italy's interim prime minister and form an interim government. "I’ll present myself to parliament with a programme which - if it wins the backing of parliament - would include the approval of the 2019 budget. Then parliament would be dissolved with elections at the beginning of 2019," Cottarelli stated.

The former International Monetary Fund official was asked by President Sergio Mattarella (pictured left) to take the position after anti-establishment candidate Giuseppe Conte failed to form the country's government as a result of Mattarella rejecting his eurosceptic economy ministry pick Paolo Savona. Meanwhile, leader of the anti-establishment Five Star movement, Luigi Di Maio, called for Mattarella to be impeached for vetoing Conte's economy minister pick.

Earlier in May, Mattarella proposed a "neutral" non-partisan ruling coalition that would govern Italy until December, but had also mentioned an alternative solution to the political deadlock following the parliamentary elections in March which would involve a repeat election in July.

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