Global Wind Power Power Markets, 2016-2024 - China and the US Dominate Wind Power Generation Worldwide

8/23/2018, 10:56 AM (Source: GlobeNewswire)

Dublin, Aug. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Wind Power - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Wind Power (Installed Capacity - Cumulative and New Capacity) in Megawatts.

The report profiles 121 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • ABB Limited (Switzerland)
  • American Electric Power (USA)
  • China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited (China)
  • DeWind Inc. (USA)
  • Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (China)
  • Enel Green Power S.p.A. (Italy)
  • ENERCON GmbH (Germany)
  • Wind World (India) Limited
  • Envision Energy Limited (China)
  • Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Japan)
  • General Electric Company (USA)
  • GE Renewable Energy (France)
  • Guodian United Power Technology Company Limited (China)
  • Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Ltd. (China)
  • NextEra Energy Resources, LLC (USA)
  • Nordex SE (Germany)
  • ACCIONA Windpower S.A. (Spain)
  • Pacific Hydro Pty Ltd. (Australia)
  • Senvion S.A. (Germany)
  • Shell WindEnergy, Inc. (USA)
  • Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, S.A. (Spain)
  • Suzlon Energy Limited (India)
  • TransAlta Corporation (Canada)
  • Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark)
  • MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S (Denmark)
  • Xinjiang GoldWind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • VENSYS Energy AG (Germany)

Key Topics Covered:

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definition and Scope of Study

Wind Power: Advanced, Affordable, and Proven Choice of Low-Carbon Clean Energy
Market Snapshots
Myriad Benefits of Wind Energy Drive Widespread Installations
List of Wind Generated Electrical Power Benefits
Important Factors Supporting the Rising Prominence of Wind Power
Growing Environmental Concerns
Increasing Regulations
Rising Electricity Consumption & Energy Prices
Decreasing Costs of Wind Energy
Favorable Systems for Promoting Wind Energy
Spiraling Effect of International Wind Energy Incentives
Wind Turbine Innovations & Designs Summarized
Spiraling Electricity Appetite from Ballooning Global Population Drive Market Demand
Wind Power Emerge as a Cost-Competitive and Reliable Energy Resource
Wind Turbine Implementation: Advancements and Challenges
Wind Turbine Implementation: Advancements and Challenges Challenges
Energy Driven Versus Environment Driven Markets
Classification of Environment Driven & Energy Driven Markets
Key Factors Hampering Deployments of Wind Energy
China and the US Dominate Wind Power Generation Worldwide
Leading Wind Power Countries Worldwide (2018): Ranking Based on Key Wind Power Facts
Asia-Pacific and Europe Dominate Wind Power Capacity Installations
Denmark Leads the World in Wind Turbine Manufacturing
Brazil: A High Potential Market for Wind Energy
Global Market Outlook
Developing Countries Spearhead Current and Future Market Growth

Escalating Climate Change and the Resulting Renewable Energy Revolution Drive Strong Market Growth for Wind Power
Wind Energy Costs on a Downward Trend
The Inevitable Shift to Renewable Sources of Energy
Promising Outlook for Renewable Energy in both Developed and Developing Markets
Wind and Solar Expansion Lead to Renewable Power Revolution
Renewable Energy Offers Strong Competition to Established Power Sources
Recent Trends in the Renewable Energy Market Summarized
Technology Advancements to Drive Costs Down
China's Strong Focus on Renewables
Organizations Make Strong Commitments
Battery Market Registers Developments
Greater Job Generation by the Renewables Sector
Interest in Energy Storage Rises
Wind Plus Storage
Government Incentives and Subsidies
Investments in EV Charging Infrastructure
Stagnating Power Demand in Major Markets
Technology Developments and Removal of Political Barriers Essential for Growth of Renewable Energy
Surging Renewable Energy Investments in Developing Countries Provide the Perfect Platform for Market Expansion
Auction Models, Lack of Subsidies & High Interest Rates: Leading to Future Market Uncertainty?
Growing Popularity & Share of Wind Energy in Total Energy Mix Benefit Market Demand
Increasing Investments in Solar and Wind Power Disrupting Global Electricity Systems and Benefiting Adoption
Offshore Wind Power Generation: The New Frontier to Race Ahead of Onshore Production in the Long Run
Offshore Wind Energy: Turning Point and Innovations
Offshore Wind Power: At the Forefront of Innovation
Offshore-Wind Energy Penetration and the Major Challenges
Rising Popularity of Small Wind Turbines Bodes Well for Market Growth
Shift towards Larger, Hybrid, and Taller Wind Power Turbines Gain Traction
Quest for Larger Machines Lead to Steady Increase in Wind Turbine Size
Potential Size Limits
Performance of Large Wind Turbines
Extensive Range of Design Options for Wind Turbines Bodes Well for Market Adoption
Wind Energy Research & Development Projects Get a Shot in the Arm Leading to Increase in Patent Filing
Prospects of Wind Energy: Mystifying Favoritism?

Critical Role of Technological Advancement in Improving Wind Power Technologies
Improvement in Power Generation Capacity
Enhancing Reliability and Performance of System Component
Research Supporting Advancement of Wind Turbine Systems
Innovative Interface Technology for Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring
Drones: An Efficient Technology for Wind Turbine Inspections
Air-Borne Wind Technology in Place of Traditional Wind Turbine
Bladeless Wind Turbines
EnergySails: Harnessing Wind and Solar Energy on Ships
Large Wind Turbines
GE's Haliade-X
Innovative Detection System to Safeguard Eagles
Spiral Welding Technique for Turbine Tower Construction
Select Small Wind Turbine Innovations and Developments
Innovative Techniques to Reduce Wind Power Operation & Maintenance (O&M)
Use of Drones for Inspections
Underwater Drone
Robots for Blade Maintenance
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation
Research Efforts
Innovative Automated O&M Solutions
SCDnezzy2 Fully-Integrated Twin-Rotor Turbine
High Flying Turbines: A Major Breakthrough for Harnessing More Wind Power
Advanced Algorithm Enhances Small Wind Turbines' Efficiency
Advanced Robot Systems for Examining Wind Turbine Rotor Blades
Advanced Approach to Store Floating Wind Energy
VolturnUS Offshore Wind Turbine
High Efficiency Wind Turbine at All Wind Speeds
Other Important Wind Turbine Design Innovations
AT-Buoyant Airborne Turbine
Wind Catcher Max
I6O+ Wind/Hydro Plant
IceWind CW-1000
The Typhoon Turbine
360-Degree Air Intake
Blade-Free Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine Design Gets Inspiration from Jet Engines
SpiDAR System to Improve Wind Turbine Output
Maglev Turbines Reduces Friction
Turbine Stalks that Sway with Wind
Sail-based Advanced Wind Turbines
Blades with Trailing Edge to Reduce Stress on Supporting Structure
Focusing on Center of Gravity for Lowering Anchoring Costs
Harnessing Wind Energy over Large Buildings
Solar-Powered Wind Turbine
GE Develops High Efficiency Turbine Model
Siemens' Design with Less Number of Parts
Wood-based Wind Turbine
Portable Wind Turbine
Wind Turbines with Ionic Thrusters
Leviathan Energy
Technique to Increase Tower Height
Vindicator Laser System
Self-Optimization Software for Wind Turbines

Wind Energy: A Prelude
Wind Speed: An Important Factor for Power Generation
Wind Turbines Definition
Design Configurations of Wind Turbines
Horizontal and Vertical Axis Designs
Number of Blades
Variable Speed Designs
A Working Model of a Wind Turbine
Wind Energy and Wind Turbines: Notable Facts
Wind Energy Exploitation & Development: Economic Viability
Improving the Value of Wind Electricity
Cost Reduction
Identifying Locations for Prospective Wind Farms
Reduction of Uncertainties
Reduction of Environmental Impact
Infrastructure Development
Implementing Favorable National & International Environmental & Energy Policies
Education & Human Resource Development
Cost Structure of Wind Energy
Consistency of Wind Speeds
Technical Design Lifetime of Turbines
Amortization Period
Building Wind Farms: Making the Right Choice

Wind Power Marketplace: Fiercely Competitive
Vestas Leads the Global Wind Turbines Market
Leading Wind Turbine Manufacturers: Snapshot Profiles with Wind Turbine Related Developments
Siemens Gamesa
General Electric (GE)
GoldWind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Goldwind)
Nordex Acciona
United Power Technology Company Limited
Envision Energy Limited
Suzlon Group
Ming Yang
Select Wind Turbine Models Worldwide
Alstom Haliade
Areva M5000
Bard 5MW
Enercon E126 7.5MW
Gamesa G5MW
Repower 6M Series
Samsung S7.0 171 7MW
Siemens SWT-6.0 150
Sinovel SL6000
Vestas V164 8MW
Competition: Noteworthy Trends
New Revenue Streams and Industry Expansion
Growing Number of Corporate Agreements for Purchasing Renewable Power
Energy Based Guarantees Push O&M Companies to Assume More Responsibility
How Things Would Pan Out for Wind Energy O&M Companies in the Future
Blockchain Technology for Small Scale Generators and Households
Proposal for a New IEC Standard for Improving Wind Turbine Maintenance
Market Participants Caught in the thick Despite Expectations of Spectacular Growth
Gearboxes and Geared Motors: Transformation Undertaken by European Manufacturers
Wind Energy Component Manufacture: An Untapped Opportunity

6.1 Focus on Select Global Players

6.2 Product Innovations/Introductions
Nestle Launches Wind Farm with Nine Turbines
Senvion Introduces 4.2 MW Turbines
SGRE Launches SG 4.2-145 New Geared Turbine
LM Wind Power Launches LM 75.1 P Longest Blade in China
Vestas Introduces V120-2.0/2.2 MW Turbine
Senvion Launches New 3.7M144 EBC and 3.6M118 NES Turbines
Vestas Introduces Three New Variants of 4.2 MW Turbines
Semtive Introduces NEMOI Wind Turbine
Vestas to Introduce New Variants V116-2.0 MW and V120-2.0 MW Turbines
Senvion Launches Four New 2.3-2.4 MW Turbines in India
Siemens Launches Three New Onshore Direct Drive Wind Turbines

6.3 Recent Industry Activity
ABB Wins Orders from rsted
SGRE to Supply Two Wind Farms in South Africa
Senvion Signs Supply and Delivery Agreement with Total Eren
Nordex Wins Supply and Installation Contract of Turbines
Siemens Gamesa to Supply and Install 92 Turbines at 10 Wind Farms
Vestas Secures a 72 MW Order for 20 V126-3.45 MW Turbines
Vestas Receives EPC Order for the 48 MW Wind Park
China's Goldwind Announces ($270m) Deal to Replace 242 Turbines
rsted Signs Wind Turbine Order with Siemens Gamesa
Siemens Gamesa Secures Turbine Supply Contract for Neoenergia
Vestas Wins Order of 13 V117-3.45 MW Turbines
Nordex Receives Orders from Spain for Turbines
Siemens Gamesa Strengthen its Cooperation with wpd Offshore
SGRE to Supply Onshore OptimaFlex Wind Turbines in Norway
Vestas Partners with Vattenfall and PKA for Wind Energy Project
E.ON to Acquire Vortex Energy
Siemens Gamesa Enters into Agreement with Tokyu Land Corporation
GE Renewable Energy Announces First Wind Energy Project in Chile
Jan De Nul and Hitachi Signs a Contract for Wind Farm Project
Siemens Gamesa Secures Largest Ever Wind Turbine Order in India
SGRE Signs Agreement with NextEra Energy Resources for Wind Farms
GE Renewable Energy Signs Five-Year R & D Agreement with ORE Catapult
SGRE Supplies Turbines to MidAmerican Energy Company
SGRE to Construct 194 MW Wind Farm in Australia
SGRE to Install Dam Nai Wind Farm with 39 MW in Vietnam
Nordex Receives Contract for a Wind Farm from Leonidas Associates
Siemens Gamesa Secures an Agreement for the Supply of Turbines in Spain
Suzlon Wins Two Wind Power Projects
SGRE Secures Orders for the Supply of 39 Onshore Wind Turbines
GE Renewable Energy Unveils Offshore Wind Turbine - Haliade-X
SGRE Signs a Service Agreement in Several Wind Farms
GE Renewable Energy Signs an Agreement with ENGIE to Supply 2.5-116 Turbines
SGRE Signs Two Supply Orders of G132-3.465 MW Wind Turbines
SGRE Signs Two New Contracts for the Supply of 96 MW to Datang
SGRE to Supply New 8 MW Offshore Wind Turbine
DSME Recoils Wind Power Business
Suzlon Receives a Wind Power Project of 252 MW
Nordex Wins Contracts for the Installation of Two Wind Farms in Apulia
GE Announces Agreements to Provide Wind Energy Capacity to Wind Energy Holding
GE Announces Maintenance Contract for Alsleben Wind Farm
SGRE Receives an Order for the Supply and Installation of OptimaFlex Turbine
Microsoft and GE Sign an Agreement on a New Wind Project
SGRE Secures an Agreement for the Supply of 300 MW in China
Tesla Partners with Vestas for Powerpack Projects
Vestas Receives Order from Southern Power for Supply of Turbines
GE Partners with ENGIE to Supply and Install 32 Wind Turbines
AEP Announces Clean Energy Project - Wind Catcher Energy Connection
SEOB Exit from Brazil
Vestas Receives Order for 32 V136-3.45 MW Wind Turbines
Nordex Receives Order from Erdem for Ten N131/3900 Turbines
Gamesa and Siemens Wind Power Enter into Merger
Forestalia Wins a Contract to Develop 1,200 MW Wind Farm in Aragn
GE Acquires LM Wind Power



8.1 The United States
A. Market Analysis
Fast-Paced Change in Technology and Government Support Drive Strong Growth in Cumulative Wind Power Capacity
Factors Influencing Wind Energy Growth in the US
BLM (Bureau-of-Land-Management) to Offer More Lands for Development of Renewable Projects
Strong Prospects for Mighty Wind Power in the Near Term
Need for Limiting Regional Disparities in Wind Power Installations Offer Huge Market Potential
Major Renewable Capacity Increases and Storage Capacity Increases in California Benefit Market Prospects
Increase in Tower Heights Fuel Growth and Decrease Costs
Advancements in Wind Power Transformer Technology: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges
Innovative Techniques Lower Installation Costs
Challenges Confronting Turbine Technology
Improved Access
Cabling Strategies
Plant Upgrades
Other Challenges Confronting Larger Turbine Industry
Emerging Market Opportunities
United States: A High Potential Market for Small Wind Turbines
Farmers in the US: The Supreme Beneficiaries of Wind Energy
Distributed Wind Power Becoming a More Accessible Option for Farmers in the US
Favorable State and Federal Government Support Aid Market Penetration
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Provides Impetus to the Market
PTC Extension Restores Market Momentum
US Renewable Energy Developers Increase Focus on Global Projects Due To Constant Expiration of PTC
DOE Selects Three Offshore Wind Energy Projects to Enhance Offshore Wind Power
Wind Turbines: Competitive Landscape
Global Infrastructure Partners to Take Over Renewables Business of NRG
New Patents Awarded for Wind Turbine Technology
B. Market Analytics

8.2 Canada
A. Market Analysis
Canadian Market for Wind Energy to Witness Steady Growth
B. Market Analytics

8.3 Japan
A. Market Analysis
Japan Focuses on Renewable Power to Achieve Energy Security, Augurs Well for Wind Energy
Growing Focus on Improving Energy Security
B. Market Analytics

8.4 Europe
A. Market Analysis
Wind Power Continues to Play Prominent Role in the European Energy Mix
Wind Continues to Flow Favorably in Europe
Offshore Wind Power Emerge as Mainstream Energy Source
Subsidy-Free Wind Farms Grow in Prominence as Subsidies Decline in Europe
EC's Proposals for Promoting Wind Energy & Other Renewables
The Green Certificates System Catching Up with Europe
EU Renewables Directive: Creating Potential Partnerships
Competitive Structure of the Wind Turbine Market in the European Union
B. Market Analytics

8.5 Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Underpenetrated Asian Countries Offer Significant Market Growth Opportunities
B. Market Analytics

8.6 The Middle East & Africa
A. Market Analysis
Vast Wind Resources and Chronic Power Shortages Drive Robust Market Growth
MENA (Middle East-and-North Africa) Region: Witnessing Rising Power Needs and Economic Diversification
B. Market Analytics

8.7 Latin America
A. Market Analysis
Environment-Conscious Community and the Urgent Need to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drive Wind Power Installations
The Cost Curve
B. Market Analytics


Total Companies Profiled: 121 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 133)

  • The United States (39)
  • Canada (9)
  • Japan (3)
  • Europe (56)
    • France (5)
    • Germany (13)
    • The United Kingdom (8)
    • Italy (6)
    • Spain (5)
    • Rest of Europe (19)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (25)
  • Latin America (1)

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