Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing: Worldwide Market Opportunities (2018-2022) Featuring 40+ Key Player Profiles

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Dublin, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing Markets by Research, Clinical, Direct to Consumer, AgriBio & Tumor Including Test Price and Volume Forecasts with Executive and Consultant Guides 2018 to 2022" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

Will all newborns receive Whole Genome Sequencing at birth? How fast will Direct to Consumer Testing grow? What sequencing technology will take the lead? What's holding the industry back? Where are the over 800 locations that have high throughput devices?

A plummeting of costs for Whole Genome Sequencing is creating a gold rush for market players. New consumers, new technologies, new specializations. In a situation reminiscent of the birth of the internet industry a wide range of well funded players are racing for market share on a truly global stage.

The report forecasts the market size out to 2022. The report includes detailed breakouts for 14 countries and 5 regions.

Tumor Cell Sequencing? Direct to Consumer? Gene Expression? Find out about the technology in readily understood terms that explain the jargon. What are the issues? Find the opportunities, and the pitfalls. Understand growth expectations and the ultimate market forecasts for the next five years.

Key Topics Covered

i. Whole Genome Sequencing Market - Strategic Situation Analysis
ii. Guide for Executives, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Staff
iii. Guide for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors

1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 Whole Genome Sequencing Definition In This Report
1.1.1 Whole and Exome Sequencing
1.1.2 Research and Clinical
1.1.3 Direct to Consumer
1.1.4 AgriBio
1.1.5 Tumor Cells
1.2 The Genomics Revolution
1.3 Market Definition
1.3.1 Volumes
1.3.2 Prices
1.3.3 Revenue Market Size
1.4 U.S. Medical Market and laboratory Testing - Perspective
1.4.1 U.S. Medicare Expenditures for laboratory testing
1.5 Sizing the Genome - Not What You Think
1.5.1 Cost, Price and Genome Size, Pricing Practice
INSTALLED BASE - Location & Contacts

2. Market Overview
2.1 Market Participants Play Different Roles
2.1.1 Instrument Manufacturer
2.1.2 Independent lab specialized/esoteric
2.1.3 Independent lab national/regional
2.1.4 Independent lab analytical
2.1.5 Public National/regional lab
2.1.6 Hospital lab
2.1.7 Physician lab
2.1.8 DTC Lab
2.1.9 Sequencing Labs
2.1.10 Audit body
2.2 Whole Genome Sequencing -Markets, Examples and Discussion
2.2.1 Direct to Consumer - Two Approaches The New Age of Medical Information Dangers in DTC-WGS - Health Costs and Regulation Newborn and Prenatal - A Brave New World DTC - How Many Segments?
2.2.2 Research Markets Research Funding and Capital Expense WGS Datasets Preferred Existing research repurposed Organism Wide Market Service Suppliers Respond
2.2.3 Clinical - Understanding Germline and Somatic Somatic - Chasing Mutations and Pharmacogenomics
2.2.4 Pathogen Testing The Hepatitis C Story Will the Microbiology Department Disappear?
2.2.5 AgriBio - Big Business GMO is Here to Stay WGS Benefits and Risks The New Agriculture
2.3 Industry Structure
2.3.1 Hospital's Testing Share
2.3.2 Economies of Scale
2.3.3 Instrument Manufacturer Role
2.3.4 Healthcare Industry Impacts - Still Struggling Can the Healthcare Industry Adapt? Genetic Counselling as an Industry WGES Adoption and Cannibalization The Meaning of Grail
2.4 Profiles of Key Companies
2.4.1 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
2.4.2 Illumina
2.4.3 Grail
2.4.4 Complete Genomics - BGI
2.4.5 Qiagen
2.4.6 GE Global Research
2.4.7 BGI Genomics Co. Ltd.
2.4.8 Oxford Nanopore Technologies
2.4.9 Genomic Health
2.4.10 Pacific Biosciences
2.4.11 Siemens Healthcare
2.4.12 23 and Me
2.4.13 Ancestry.com
2.4.14 Bio-Rad
2.4.15 Thermo Fisher
2.4.16 Fabric Genomics
2.4.17 Centogene
2.4.18 Gene by Gene Ltd.
2.4.19 Veritas Genetics
2.4.20 Dante Labs
2.4.21 Guardiome
2.4.22 Sure Genomics
2.4.23 Novogene
2.4.24 Helix
2.4.25 Genomics Personalized Health (GPH)
2.4.26 Sequencing.com
2.4.27 Omega Bioservices
2.4.28 ORIG3N
2.4.29 Human Longevity, Inc.
2.4.30 Invitae
2.4.31 MNG Labs
2.4.32 Regeneron
2.4.33 Medgenome
2.4.34 10X Genomics
2.4.35 Genomics England
2.4.36 Stratos Genomics
2.4.37 Personalis
2.4.38 Perkin Elmer
2.4.39 Macrogen
2.4.40 Gencove
2.4.41 Genewiz
2.4.42 Agilent Technologies

3. Market Trends
3.1 Factors Driving Growth
3.1.1 Diagnostic Factors
3.1.2 Interpreting the Code Otherwise
3.1.3 Changes in Agriculture
3.1.4 Fertility Technology Comes of Age
3.1.5 Pathogen Challenges
3.2 Factors Limiting Growth
3.2.1 Increased Competition Lowers Price
3.2.2 Lower Costs
3.2.3 Healthcare Cost Concerns Curtail Growth
3.2.4 Wellness has a downside
3.2.5 GMO Opposition Movement
3.3 Sequencing Instrumentation
3.3.1 Instrumentation Tenacity
3.3.2 Declining Cost of Instruments Changes Industry Structure
3.3.4 Long Reads - Further Segmentation
3.3.5 Linked Reads
3.3.6 New Sequencing Technologies
3.3 Sequencing Instrumentation
3.3.1 Instrumentation Tenacity
3.3.2 Declining Cost of Instruments Changes Industry Structure
3.3.4 Long Reads - Further Segmentation
3.3.5 Linked Reads
3.3.6 New Sequencing Technologies

4. WGES Recent Developments
4.1 Recent Developments - Importance and How to Use This Section
4.1.1 Importance of These Developments
4.1.2 How to Use This Section
4.2 Australian Newborn WES Project
4.3 Human Longevity Launches Whole Genome Product, MassMutual Partnerships
4.4 Influence of Whole Genome Sequencing growing
4.5 Rady Children's and Edico Genome Extend WGS Collaboration
4.6 $1500 to sequence newborns in China
4.7 Newborns to Get Whole Genome Sequencing
4.8 Eurofins Acquiring PerkinElmer's NTD Laboratory Services Business
4.9 Konica Minolta to buy Ambry Genetics, deal worth up to $1 billion
4.10 AstraZeneca taps gene pioneer Venter for huge drug-hunting sweep
4.11 The Cooper Companies' Women's Health Care Unit Acquires Genesis Genetics
4.12 Research Validates Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Aneuploidy (PGD-A)
4.13 New Investments in Ancestry.com to Boost DNA Business
4.14 GHO Capital Announces Acquisition of DNA Diagnostics Center
4.15 PerkinElmer Launches Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Services
4.16 WGS and AI help clinicians scale precision oncology
4.17 Veritas Genetics Buys Curoverse
4.18 Dante Labs Partners With Amazon UK for Special 349 Whole Genome Sequencing
4.19 Toolbox Genomics Launches Personalized Wellness App in Sequencing.com's Revolutionary App Market
4.20 CDC invests in WGS to help states respond to infectious disease threats
4.21 Factory contamination of medical device likely source of M. chimaera infection in patients in multiple countries
4.22 IBM Watson impresses in WGS brain tumour analysis
4.23 OneOme, Genome.One Partner to Offer Genetic Risk, PGx Service in Australia
4.24 WGS aids in Salmonella outbreak control
4.25 CombiMatrix In Merger Agreement with Invitae to be Acquired for $33 Million in Invitae Common Stock
4.26 Nine Centres use Oxford Nanopore MinION to Sequence Human Genome
4.27 Esperite and BGI Genomics sign a strategic agreement to offer Whole Genome Sequencing onlarge scale
4.28 Easily Affordable Whole-genome Sequencing is Goal of Mayo Collaboration with Veritas
4.29 Regeneron Partners With AbbVie, Alnylam, AstraZeneca, Biogen, Pfizer to Sequence UK Biobank Samples
4.30 MedGenome Expands Its NGS Capabilities and Forays Into Single-Cell Sequencing
4.31 Genomics England Adopts Edico's Dragen For NGS Analysis
4.32 BGI Says It Will Slash Cost of Gene Testing to $300
4.33 Position Statement Spells Out Fetal Diagnostic Sequencing Recommendations
4.34 Stratos Genomics Raises Funds to Ready for Commercialization
4.35 Whole genome sequencing identifies new genetic signature for autism
4.36 Inova, Veritas Genetics Partner to Offer Whole-Genome Sequencing, Interpretation
4.37 Dante Labs Announces 10,000 European Genome Project
4.38 PerkinElmer Extends Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Services
4.39 Personalis Signs New Genome Sequencing Services Contract With VA
4.40 $2M Whole-Genome Sequencing Pilot for Sick Newborns
4.41 Illumina and BGI Compete in Sequencing Instrumentation

5. Country Market Sizes - North America
5.1 United States of America
5.1.1 Research - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.1.2 Clinical - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.1.3 AgriBio - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.1.4 Direct to Consumer Testing - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.1.5 Tumor - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.2 Canada
5.2.1 Research - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.2.2 Clinical - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.2.3 AgriBio - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.2.4 Direct to Consumer Testing - Volumes, Prices, Revenues
5.2.5 Tumor - Volumes, Prices, Revenues

6. Country Markets - Europe
6.1 France
6.2 Germany
6.3 United Kingdom
6.4 Spain
6.5 Italy
6.7 Remainder of Europe and Former Soviet Union

7. Country Markets - Asia Pacific
7.1 China
7.2 Japan
7.3 South Korea
7.4 India
7.5 Australia
7.6 Rest of Asia Pacific

8. Country Markets - Latin America, Africa & The Middle East
8.1 Brazil
8.2 Mexico
8.3 Rest of Latin America
8.4 Africa & The Middle East

9. Global Market Summary
9.1 Global Market

10. Vision of the Future of Whole Genome Sequencing

I. United States Medicare System: January 2018 laboratory Fees Schedule - National Limit and Midpoint
II Methodology

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