3/8/2019, 5:23 PM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Pound lowest in 2 weeks as Brexit talks stall

The British currency was trading in the negative territory against major currencies on Friday as talks between London and Brussels on the Brexit deal stand in place. European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will reportedly tell EU ambassadors that no progress has been made so far, despite the bloc's two proposals to amend the deal, one of them. He also offered the option for the UK to unilaterally decide on leaving the customs union. Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa May abruptly called off her planned trip to Brussels for the last minute attempt to reach an agreement.

Against the European common currency, the sterling tumbled 0.92% to 1.15828 at 5:16 pm CET, lowest since Tuesday. It lost 0.32% against the dollar at 5:18 pm CET, selling for $1.30316 and hitting a two-week low.

The pound traded 0.80% lower compared to the Swiss franc, buying 1.31266 at 5:20 pm CET. It weakened the same against the Japanese yen, going for ¥144.71000, while the contraction against the Canadian dollar was smaller, 0.60%, to the price of 1.74912 at 5:21 pm CET.

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