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Graham: Barr willing to discuss Mueller report with Senate

United States Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters on Monday that Attorney General William Barr confirmed he is willing to answer Senate Judiciary Committee's questions regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Russia probe.

Graham said he spoke with Barr on the phone and asked him if he would testify before the Committee. According to the South Carolina senator, the attorney general said he would speak to Mueller to determine how much of the report should be released to the public prior to making an appearance before the panel. "We're going to do it on Mr. Barr's reasonable schedule. He needs, I think, some reasonable period of time to go through it," Graham stressed.

The senator has already called for transparency regarding the Mueller report, which was delivered on Friday to the US attorney general after nearly two years of investigation, whereas several of his Democratic colleagues asked for the document to be fully disclosed to the public.

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