4/12/2019, 5:43 AM (Source: TeleTrader)
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Tesla offers autopilot as standard feature

Tesla Inc. revealed its vehicles will come with autopilot bundled as a standard feature from now on. It added that the feature will cost less than before, stating the Model 3 Standard Plus will be sold for $39,500 instead of $37,500 plus $3,000 for the autopilot.

"We think including Autopilot is very important because our data strongly indicates that the chance of an accident is much lower when Autopilot is enabled. Autopilot also dramatically improves the quality of the driving experience, especially in heavy traffic, as thousands of our customers frequently describe online," Tesla said.

The automaker also revealed its Model 3 Standard Plus sold at more than six times the rate of Standard, leading the company to sell the Model 3 Standard as a software-limited version of the Standard Plus. "Its range will be limited by 10%, and several features will be disabled via software (including our onboard music streaming service, navigation with live traffic visualization, and heated seats). Similar to other software-limited vehicles produced in the past, Standard customers will have the option to upgrade to a Standard Plus at any time. Similarly, anyone who has already bought Standard Plus and wants to convert to Standard is welcome to do so, and we will provide a refund for the difference in cost," Tesla explained.

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